Should Lindsay Lohan Do Time?

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Lindsay Lohan has clearly violated her probation, but will that land her in jail?

If you look at Linds' alcohol education record, it's clear she has a problem ... and not just with substance abuse and subsequent anger issues. With the law.

The train wreck must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes. To date, Lindsay has done nine. It is currently May 13.

One week, four additional classes? How is she gonna fit that into her partying schedule? This poses a big problem. Even if she did, it wouldn't fix things.

Even if Lindsay completes 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's order to attend at least one class every seven days.

So the question is: Will Lindsay go to jail, and should she? Vote in our survey:

Rushin' to Rehab?

Where will she end up? [Photo:]

Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


shes such a pretty young girl. with her whole life ahead of her. why is she doing this to herself. this is definatally a serious matter. still i have no sorrow or pity for her. she will change when she decidesn to. god bless this child.


Personally, I think rehab because jail isn't rehabilitating, but not one of those posh, basically spa and resort types of rehabs, but a real hardcore rehab that makes a person clean toilets and other such humbling tasks like that. Otherwise, I say jail because maybe it will scare her straight and be the rock bottom she soooo desperately needs!!


Not saying this snarky, but she already said rehab was a joke to her so I think jail will hopefully scare her to finally realize her life is out of control. The whole incident of her hijacking the car with kids in it and driving like a angry mad women should have put her in jail, instead she got rehab and probation.


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