New Couple Alert: Keanu Reeves & Charlize Theron?

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Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron had dinner out last night ... dinner followed by a looooong hug (and kiss!) goodbye outside Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

They weren't shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner, although the rumored couple did drive home separately.

Decade of Hotness Winner

News of Charlize and longtime partner Stuart Townsend’s split emerged in late January. Neither one of these attractive A-list stars has ever married.

Reeves and Theron starred in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November, so there is definite history there ... of shared mediocre films.

KEANIZE: Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron embrace. This is really them, we swear. Do you think they'd make a cute couple? [Photo:]

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I hope it's short lived, after all, he may not realize it yet but his perfect match is right here, and whether this sounds crazy or not, it's true. they won't last, he's a very specialan and she's just another Hollywood girl who's better off with a Hollywood man, Keanu is on a much deeper level. Jazz


Yes, please make the romance successful. The America needs a great couple who is graceful and loving, like the one held in the Great Britain a few days ago. Both of you are just gorgeous and representative of the American people, with great American-style of melting-pot attractive characterics and traits. Work hard to get along well, it is a great journey for both of you to overcome a lot of challenging things ahead of you. Having children will be more encouraging, interesting and attracting. Make the USA more attractive, please!


It's about time these two got together (and I hope remain together). I loved them in Sweet November, a movie I watched several times (shame on you unromantics) and the same in The Devil's Advocate....who of those who saw that movie can forget her saying to him "ooooooooooh Baby" it right this time you reflection on Stewart, just that I was hoping for these two to match up. There is absolutely nothing mediocre about them or their acting.
Charlize hou hom styf vas!


Keanu Reeves & Charlize Theron are perfect actors. If you can imagine Mr. Reeves as a bit strange scientist in a dolphinarium in "We belong to the ocean" & in a role as Vincent Van Gogh, find these screenplays on fb using my name. Kleo Jess


They were great in Sweet November but I don't see them as a couple in real life. Hey folks, to have dinner doesn't mean that they are dating. Poor girls around the world go grazy. About time that Keanu gets married or something


I loves Sweet November too! I think they are a Hot Hollywood couple, for sure. Did the writer forget that Keanu had a Big BlockBuster called the Matrix??? and Charlize won a Oscar for Monster? Why the negative reporting with the "mediocre films comment"? All actors have movies that are not hits, they make so many movies. But The Matrix was HUGE, and Keanu Reeves was great as Neo!!! Lots of Keanu Reeves fan still out there. :) They look Hot!


It's about time. They would make a great couple :)


they are a totally perfect couple... i loved them in sweet november...and i think in real life they make a great match i hope they are really dating :)

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