Michelle McGee: Shocked By Sandra Bullock Baby Adoption, Unmoved By Jesse James in the Sack

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Because we know you were sitting around wondering: Michelle McGee's take on Sandra Bullock's adoption of a new baby boy from New Orleans?

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    Personally after hniearg some of that video, I wouldn't vote for the man. He may have great business sense, but I think his political thinking is to way off base for me.RainbowRay?????


    people like this don't live very long, something will happen to her
    and she will have brought in onto herself
    stupid, retarded woman, you think you're beautiful, well you're not
    if you want to be in the limelight, let people enjoy what they see not THIS, sickening, home breaker, troublemaker, get lost go away
    we are fed up with your face and your stupid stories


    how a human being can tatoo her whole body and want look like a monster, is beyond me
    in a few years her tatoos will be loose flab, ohh what a pretty sight
    she is disgusting to look at , oh she may think it's sexy, only a retard like jessie would pick her over sandra, what a contrast
    achhhh they make me sick, this whole hollywood scene


    JACK WAGONER - F U, hopefully one day you'll get stabbed, you're more ghetto than the people you spew hatred over


    @michelle "bombshell" Mc slut - 1) your a fucken whore 2) you should learn when to shut your fucken mouth 3) the more you talk the more you justify how much of a total slut you are 4) your really ugly 5)yes, its jesse's fault for cheating in the first place, but damn it have some fucken humility and shut up, havnt you caused enough shit? i would happily clock you in the face, you irritate me, you have zero respect for poor sandra, and WE ALL KNOW YOUR ON CRACK (whilst taking it in the ass by some nikkah from the hood) stooopid nazi loving freak show, where i come from - well someone would of shit you out ages ago bitch. go back to rubbing your s.t.d pussy up a pole and quit running your mouth off, your a fucken crack whore.


    Go away we are sick of seeing you Michelle!! Your 15 mins of fame are over get use to it and realize that you are skank!!! Miss Bullock is class and grace regardless of her soon to be former husbands lapse of good judgement. Did you think he was going to marry you or somthing??? LOL


    We have no respect for you Michelle. Go away. You are not the example of a woman to us, just go away.

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