Liam Hemsworth Defends Miley Cyrus

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It's been a controversial month for Miley Cyrus.

First, the singer released the official musical video for "Can't Be Tamed," sending a clear message to anyone that viewed it: So long, Hannah Montana!

Then, another video landed the singer in hot water: she was filmed grinding and bumping with movie producer Adam Shankman.

Through it all, though, Liam Hemsworth has remained by her side. The Australian actor told Hollywood Life that "Can't Be Tamed" is a "great" video and:

“Everyone gets criticism, it’s kind of what comes with this job... everybody’s trying to bring you down. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

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As for his relationship with Miley, Liam added:

“We get along great, she’s a great girl. We work great together."

Apparently, Liam's vocabulary is as varied as his girlfriend's wardrobe choices. Still, these two do appear to be a stable couple and we can't knock Hemsworth for standing by his gal.


@Belladee: Because Miley cyrus is embracing her sexuality- there's nothing wrong with that. Unlike Selena and Demi, Miley chooses not to conform to the idea that teenage girls can't be sexual and that they must seem innocent. And actually, at 17 Miley Cyrus behaves better than a lot of adults in hollywood- such as tiger woods, lindsay lohan, britney spears, lady gaga, paris hilton, and others. The real reason why there's so much controversy over Miley is because people are too prudish to accept the idea of a heterosexual teenage girl embracing her sexuality.


why is everyone jugding and making a big deal? ok for the record im not a real fan of miley. sure her outfits are racy for her age, but she's telling the world that shes growing up and not a little kid anymore. she'll make mistakes, and regret some of them, however its part of getting older and being a teenager. and also no one freaks when katy perry or rihanna dress in outfits that show more than a little skin. stop jugding. do u even care what she wears?


Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, is such an amazing, and she never even swears at publicity, or on air! She doesnt ever shoot bad photos, and she was so sorry when she posted that one where she was half naked! She is an amazing and such a nice person! I really dont think you should be mean about her, i mean look at the frickin wannabe GIRL Justin Bieber, like hes 16 and yet hes trying to be so cool, i am not crazy over him or even a fan, i only liked his song eenie meenie, though look at his videos ALL LIPGLOSS MAKEUP AND GIRLY LOOKS and he wears GIRLY SCARVES, wow gay much? No offence BIEBER FANS! AND HE BAUGHT HIS MOM A HOUSE FOR PUBLICITY I BET, AND HE SWORE AT A LADY THAT WORKS AT THE AIRPORT BECAUSE THE PLANE LEFT, HE CANT DO THAT HES A 16 YEAR OLD WANNABE! Miley cyrus ur amazing, im ur biggest fan girley ;)


Miley deserves to be called nasty names. Cause the bitch is down right repulsive scum bag white trailer park trash in glitter and money. That stupid retarded blonde hair wigged hannah montana/miley cryus isnt gonna make it. she is toooo easy. she lap dances 44 year old men and dates guys way older her. she has no shame whatsoever. shes lucky she hasnt been found dead. they want her money thats it. and to get in her stinky shitty panties. sooooo im not jealous. i have my own life. i know where i can go and where she can go. AND THATS STRAIGHT UP TO HELL BITCH.


Wow, Jealousy is a curse people. I say take up a more positive hobby instead of calling people you don't know nasty names.


shes a hollywood teen whore. she makes pretty britney spears look like an angel.


If Miley is so "great and sweet" Why is she involved in more scandals than ANY OTHER famous girl her age? Does Selena Gomez give old men lap dances? NO! Does Selena Gomez dress racily and try to act sexy to gain attention? NO! How about Demi Lovato? WHY is miley the only underaged slut in hollywood? CUZ SHES A JOKE


Gee, this guy sure gives compelling answers. Why don't the reporter just ask him yes or no questions next time.


Of course this douche is going to support her. She has all the money. He ain't too stupid.

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