Elin Woods Goes Back to School!

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If Elin Woods' goal is to start a new life as she prepares to divorce Tiger Woods, she's doing a good job - she's enrolled in a course at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.!

She'll be taking Divorce Law 101 and Triumphing Over Adversity 302 ... just kidding.

Vintage Elin Nordegren

The school is just outside of Orlando and is a small private liberal arts college. Before meeting Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren attended Lund University in Sweden.

Her decision to go back to school came after a conversation with one of the fractured family's nannies, who revealed that she was enrolled in classes at Rollins.

That prompted Elin Woods to explore taking a summer class, starting this week.

TIGER WHO? Elin Woods is moving on with her life.

Leaving the children with Tiger (the nannies dropped them off, as they're not on speaking terms) Elin arrived in plenty of time for her 6 p.m. class yesterday.

Before marrying Tiger, Elin wanted to become a psychologist. Maybe she could pursue the field again ... we know of one depraved guy with plenty of issues.

She also did modeling. Suffice it to say, she was not bad looking then (not that she is now, just more clothed). Check out our gallery of Elin Woods pictures!


Sure... Sandra is a great lady...But ,yes, it takes two to fail a marriage... eg the couple was wrong choice for each other ...eg often timing/marriage readiness was an issue for a auccessful marriage (sometimes a man is lousy in his first marriage, made all the mistakes, cheated etc...but after the failed first marriage, the man learnt and became a better husband for his second marriage and ended up a successful marriage... So who knows ??? The first wife might be far better than second wife, but the second wife was the lucky one because her timing was right in marrying a husband when he was more matured to be a better husband )... To be frank, it takes God's blessings to stay in marriage for good as well as bad...


Another question : it takes two to fail a marriage ??? Really so the same applies for Sandra Bullock. She's at fault for the collapse of the marriage right ??????????????


Hi Zaia: Regarding your thought of "have the feeling this is Woods and his PR team who are spreading this kind of BS to make Elin the villain.", I have the exact opposite rationaliation... I am thinking that it is Team Elin who is spreading this kind of BS so as to "puff up" the monetary level of divorce settment negotation... It is like the idea of you list the price of an item low, you will probably end up a low final price; but if you list the price very high, yuo will probably end up quite a good price... In short, the villain is Team Elin and not Team Tiger... I didn't see any benefit for Team Tiger to spread this sort of e-news, rather I saw the negotiation benefit to Team Elin and hence if this is BS news, it is probably rippled out from Elin side...


Hi Lee: I saw several times you said "Tiger snd Elin are playing games with us"... Not sure what you mean by this ?
(a) Can you elaborate more what you meant by it... Are you saying Elin and Tiger are trying to "fool" as by pretending to be xxxx(this-and-that) ?
(b) What is the benefit to Tiger and Elin to play game with us ?


I can see that Elin is enjoying this and Elin should speak to Hillary Clinton and not to her friends (Soure, Elin 's friend ,a friend close to the family etc) When Elin was having problem with her nude picture Tiger was there for her. Tiger and Elin are playing games with us and it is time for Tiger and Elin to bring this matter to end by compromise. Please who is this Elin's unnamed friend?


I don't have good thoughts on Elin Woods.... If e-news are true, she asked for a 750 M US$ divorce settlement plus sole child custody... What do you think she is ? 750 M$ for 5 years of marriage ? It just shows she is insane, revengeful as well as gold-digger... Is it "classy" (as what some people said her) to ask for a 750 M$ divorce settlement ? No wonder she is silent in front of media, because silence made her more bargaining power to blackmailing Tiger... I am starting to feel Tiger is unhappy with the marriage because her wife is a very difficult to please woman... I am not exaggerating...If a woman asked for 750 M$ divorce settlement for 5 years of marriage, her brain needs to be autopsy to figure out what went wrong there !


When the tabloid said 121 mistresses for Tiger, you believe absolutely that Tiger did have that many mistresses.... But when others said Elin has a part to play in the failure of the marriage, then you started to curse the commentators... I want to reiterate that I am not saying Tiger is right in infidelity, but he is not the first nor the last man in the world to commit infidelity, so pls save your "cursing" language to your own husband or boyfriend.... As for Elin, I still say it takes two people to fail a marriage and one can't just say it is the husband who fails the marriage.... The only thing I feel bad is the kids, because they did no wrong in a failed marriage and got caught in a couple ending in failed marriage.


Zaia Says:
thomass Says:
bambi Says: All of you are just being naive.and nothing of thinking about the children 's future Elin still loves Tiger it is time for Media, Press and every body to move on.


Bambi this is one of the most stupid posts I have ever read in my life.
You must have a 3 year old IQ and must be one of those stupid bimbos Mr Woods seems to be attracted to.
Elin never was with him for the money that's why most of people sympathize with her because she appeared like a loving and caring mom and wife ; the opposite of stupid brainless gold diggers with silicone and botox.
So yes your post is completely lame and frankly you should delete it if you don't want to look like a total fool !


any comments from Lee Says:
(1) Recent e-news is Elin has upped her divorce settlement request to 750 M US$ ...Oow ! Any comments ? Why should Elin do this is she insane. I do not like reading any of the magazine and papers Huffington Post, Us Weekly Magazine Chicago Times and Newyork daily news The best place to listen to the news is BBC. Elin and Tiger playing games with us about their supposed divorce.


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