Tiger Woods Divorce: Already Getting Ugly!

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No papers have even been filed yet and things are already getting nasty in the Tiger Woods divorce, with his lawyers accusing Elin Woods' of leaking to the media.

Elin's lawyer, London-based Walter H. White, sent an email to his staff April 19, saying he'd "been accused by the other side of leaking information to the press." 

Elin Nordegren Mansion

"While we do not believe that anyone in the firm has been responsible for the leaks, we are aware that this is the second time that we have been so accused ... "

Tiger's top priority is to keep things quiet regarding the divorce, and to hammer it out fast. But his legal team insists Elin's is leaking info, deliberately or not.

White urged his staff to avoid public conversations relating to all firm activities after "TMZ the web news service discovered that we represent Elin Nordegren."

Those dastardly, no-good celebrity gossip sleuths!

Team Tiger is already pissed at Team Elin.

The email notes that Elin's sister, Josefin, works at the firm, boasting "To some extent it is a surprise and a tribute that it has taken so long to figure this out."

Interestingly, White was repping Elin in January, just a month after Tiger's car crash, but before the couple appeared to be making progress (which later fizzled).

In an email dated January 12, White wrote, "I am writing to advise you that we have been asked by Elin Nordegren to assist her in her legal circumstances." 

White goes on to say: "The firm has assigned a dedicated team to work closely and confidentially with Elin and Josefin [Nordegren] in order to fulfill this mandate."

Lawyers for both Woods are trying to agree on property and custody issues - she's reportedly fighting for the kids, as is Tiger - before filing divorce papers.

We'll see if they can do it quickly and/or quietly as they'd like.


I think Tiger should cvdorie HER.Clearly, he doesn't want to be married. He needs to cut his losses now.He needs to cvdorie her, give her the money that 5 years of marriage affords her, get joint custody of his kids and get back out on the golf course.From the beginning, Elin and her father set Tiger up. When Tiger first got engaged to her, he wanted to keep that on the down low. But her father, who is a radio announcer, told the world that Tiger and his daughter were getting married.Tiger should have broke off the engagement then because he was betrayed.But he went through with the marriage (to save face) and his cheating is a result of being hoodwinked into doing something that he really didn't want to do.


I have never heard of a divorce being beautiful or happy ! So what's the point of even trying to sensationalise the Woods divorce is being ugly...


Speaking from experience divorce always gets ugly, no matter what the circumstances are that caused the divorce cause people are pissed off. Its even worse when there is a great deal of money involved such as the vast fortune TIGER has earned. I am not sure about what if anything Elin brought in but likely nothing. Having said that Tiger is obligated to live up to his responsibilities and Elin is entitled to a share of what Tiger has earned since they have been together plus support for the kids. Problem comes when one party wants a lot more than they are entitled to which is likely going to happen in this case. I commented already about the 2 million dollar home that Elin bought well who really paid for it. I hope these two can work it out and just get on with life and out of the f$#%ing news.


I hate divorces. If two people really love each other, this won't happen. But since it has, maybe Elin needs to go back to Sweden and put this all behind her. Tiger should oblige is legal obligation or fight for custody/visitation rights only if he is sincere about his kids. Life isn't perfect and we all make mistakes; hopefully, they will both learn from this one.


It all makes such perfect sense now.......
Sometimes, the real point gets lost in the translation. Tiger took his dad’s advice from a different perspective. On his death bed, Earl Woods gave Tiger the following advice:
"Focus on golf. Fuck everything else."


o Tiger just drop dead, leave Elin in peace so that se can go on you f*cked up, and holpefully you don't get cutody of the children, their dad is a sex addict could rub of on the children or they might become number 122 in his sex list.


tiger has really been having a bad time since this year.i get angry when some men say Tiger will get back real fast just like Kobi did after cheating on his wife. do you all see what he is going through now? men has to start thinking before cheating on thier wives. Tiger might end up loosing the custody of his lovely kids. poor tiger..


This is for jewel. Apparently you are the uneducated. No matter what! Tiger is a cheater! Elin apparently was the very educated marriage vow keeper. Full marks to Elin. Shame to the uneducated uneducated!


Hollywood Gossip...when in hell are you going to check my registered address/ password ? Keep telling me a lot of crapp that either my e-mail address or password is incorrect. Are you no hopers going to get your act together or am I gonna cancel my registeration with you and get with some other site who have it up in the head and not in the foot !!


Well you cannot really blame Tiger Woods for his " demon lover " activities. Many Hollywood , white celebrities, cannot drop their knickers fast enough for a negro or coffee coulered. Remember , a standing Penis has no concious. Some women are shacked up with them,
and even have their nig-nogs.
So good on you Tiger, you are getting my share !!

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