Will Lauren Conrad Return For The Hills Finale?

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Lauren Conrad returning to The Hills is a long shot at best.

But that doesn't mean fans wouldn't love it, former bosses aren't advocating it and the show's producers aren't trying to figure out some plan for it.

Lauren Conrad Films with Lo Bosworth

"The show gave her a great run," Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love, who managed LC and Whitney Port, said at Diego Della Valle's MOCA fundraiser.

"She should definitely come back for the series finale."

The Hills creator Adam DiVello, in the news this week after being accused of harassing Heidi Montag (a claim MTV and Lauren Conrad deny), is up for it.

In fact, he's already been thinking of the ideal scenario.

Lauren Conrad's signature expressions made The Hills a hit.

Conrad's final appearance on the show came during Speidi's wedding, when she was officially replaced as the leading lady by Kristin Cavallari.

MTV would love to film her at another wedding - her own.

DiVello says his dream is to have Lauren walk down the aisle in the last episode, but clearly that's not happening, unless Kyle Howard already proposed and the show is prepared to pull off a huge surprise this summer.

Doubtful. But, "It'd be fun if Lauren and I caught up in Paris," Love said. "I think they could find a way to make it work with her coming back."

You can bet your bottom dollar they'll at least try. Follow the link to check out the final season trailer for The Hills spoilers and teasers galore.


I LOVE the Hills!!!!!! Lauren is my idol! wished I had a friend like her! The Hills finale should have LC working in Paris & running into Stephen!! oh & they should have a romance!!!! that would be the bomb!!!! I loved the connection they had on Laguna!!! they should get married at the end with Brody & Jayson getting drunk cuz they lost out on a terrific girl!!!!


What happento lauren!!!?????? Im so dissp. She was the reason that show was good and interesting. The fashion thing she had just the way lauren is!! Once i saw she wasnt in the show i stop watching it became borring and the krist something girl was better to leave her as laguna beach and thats it shouldnt of come back she killed the hills im not watching the hill unless lauren comes back...


as long as lauren isnt in the show i will be boy cotting it kristin is dodgy at best at least lauren was real!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristin has no idea she has ruined the show to the point of no return the onle way to fix it is to bring back lauren!!!!!!!!


Where 's Lauren??? I miss Lauren so much!! The reason why I love The hills is Lauren, so, if without her, I won't watch this any more!!


i LOVE lauren shes the most realest caracter there was on the hills! id be so happy if she did come back!! :)


how about jason mayhem miller comes to the hills and kicks spencers ass and finally straightens him out!!! lol


I miss Lauren. I hate Kristen shes such a BIG BITCH >3
.Audrina and Lauren were the BOMB. The Hills Became with alot of drama because of Kristen. I Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeeee u Kristen


I love Lauren. Kristen is so stupid and I think she destroyed the Hills. Lauren brought meaning to the show and Lauren wasn't fake or a whore. I love Lauren but I wouldn't blame her for not coming back. Heidi looks 20 years older...literally. Really sad....and Audrina needs to stop being with guys who treat her like crap.


i jope she goes back


LAUREN PLEASE COME BACK TO THE SHOW FOR THE LAST SEASON!!! She started the hills and it would only be right that she should end it by her being on it. It was the producers that always pushed her to try to get and talk to Heidi again which she was over it already and made her decision of ending the best friend relationship.

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