Spencer Pratt Kalls Out Kim Kardashian

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The shark fin is in the water ... the Great White is hungry for celeb MEAT.

So Spencer Pratt proclaimed this morning. We'd say the guy needs to get a hobby instead of talking smack on Twitter all day, but who are we kidding.

He makes life more entertaining, and calls it like it is. Two weeks ago, we saw Kim Kardashian nude in Harper's Bazaar, embracing her "all natural" body.

BS, says Spencer. He Tweets:

"Kim K how am I supposed to believe that about you be all natural ... when I know who your doctor is? On your tv show u said u were ... HUGE LIAR!"

"Kim K - difference between posing and being a poser! Maybe Reggie found out you were both? Ouch ! How was euro hoe u flew to bang?"

Tha Great White
Kim Kard

USELESS vs. USELESS: Spencer seeks to knock Kim down a peg.

Cheap Cristiano Ronaldo shot aside, we see where The Hills star comes from. If nothing else, Heidi Montag is unabashedly who she is ... unlike hypokrite Kim.

Naturally, this being Spencer Pratt. He did not single out Kim alone today. The man is an equal opportunity trash-talker. Other Tweets from the man today:

  • On Hayden Panettiere's new haircut: New home tree barber cut her hair.
  • On Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay don't tweet sh!t and snort sh!t @ same time
  • On Lindsay again: Fired from her upcoming role ... a role on Jerry Springer?
  • On Samantha Ronson: Sam Ronman the conman... You used Lindsay LOANED like cheap toilet paper. YES DUH Lindsay LOANED is an angry human. Lindsay does not eat pu$$y for nothing!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.


spencer..... U A MUTHAF****** MONSTER...lmao


I also hope people stop watching kim and family, other celebs call her out so they go away soon. Find her wimpy,whinney, prissy, voice annoying.


I agree with you Darren and 'chele; she and family are fake cheep sleezy talentless users who got fame off of others and a sex tape. To keep it they continue w surgery and attention seeking stunts, so immature narcisistic prima donnas. Never did see their family show. I feel sorry for kim.


Honestly. I respect Spencer Pratt, and his ability to expose Holly-Whore-Wood for the 'Californication' that takes place with cosmetic surgery, release of sex tapes, and the fraudulent PR-orchestrated comments that follow. He OWNS up to who he is. Does anyone else in Hollywood? NO! Heidi had tons of plastic surgeries. She admitted it. Kim, also had work done. But the media leaves her alone because she's laughing all the way to the bank after her sex tape exposure! Spencer has defended Heidi every single time! Which is what any husband will do for his wife. Spencer is NO PUNK! I can tell you that much. He's a stand-up dude. Kim K is just a piece of @ss to Reggie Bush. He will NEVER marry her. Come on now, Ray J's sloppy seconds. Spencer puts his wedding ring where he lays his p@nis. Not Reggie! Do I care for Heidi? NO! But I have a tremendous amount of respect for Spencer....


MN what value does Kim have to offer the celeb world really apart from her dirty porn tape? You cant seriously condone they way she became famous smdh. Kim & Spencer are on the same level both in S*** reality tv shows the only difference being Spencer did not have to leak a sex tape to get onto his show! I can't stand they guy either but there is no denying he is completely true in what he says about Kim I only wish more celebs would call her out so her & that desperate family of hers would disappear.


I agree with Spencer, he knows where he is placed in soicety and is fine with it. He is accepting of Heidi doing things to enhance her appearance. He couldve left her but he didn't, so that tells you what kind of person he is, stay together thru thick and thin.
On Kim K, is not natural. of course she has to protray the curvy body b/c thats her bread maker. Not her talent. Duh, she is good with business b/c fame and money helped her hire a crew to manage that. Kim always so quick to flash a young pic of her boobs, but not her butt. She said she hated her breast getting bigger but not her butt. Even on an old episode, everyone asked how did her butt get so big. even Kourtney has gotten implants, kris gets face lifts, and bruce had 2 facelifts. they are friends with a plastic surgeon. HELLO. beautiful, natural, MY ASS.


It's a big pile of plastic. No thank you to that.


I don't care much about him and his suppose dolled wife - but I don't care about Kim in a good way either. But this Kim is not all natural. You can see it in this picture of her. Yes, he is in no position to say things about her in this way. But..Kim is all fake. The way she got to be famous - it's fake, yes she is gorgeous but there is thousands of good looking woman out there but they didn't release a sex tape to get fame, or be in some pathetic show where their families act silly. No talent - but then again that makes people have a low opinion of Kim. I feel sorry for her. Cheap, tasteless, easy way to get fame. And she still won't go away. Was with Cristiano Ronaldo? Yer right - pictures please?


Melissa, Melissa, wake up sweetie, you're dreaming. Give us your last name so we can look you up on Facebook & see how hot you really are.


Hey Spencer, and you are wasting air because...........why. You don't seem too intelligent to say the least, you are married to a walking, talking Barbie, can't get much better than that huh Bud? You are a joke little man, but you really need to go away, far far away and really soon. Lack of intelligence is so disgusting, which makes you..........really disgusting. hahahahahaha

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