Shenae Grimes is Not Sexy

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In the latest issue of Dirrty Glam (yes, that's a real magazine), Shenae Grimes tries her hardest to look sexy.

To the actress' credit, she does look like she's been eating a couple cheeseburgers these days, as she's apparently taken THG's advice.

Still, would you tap the backside of this 90210 cast member? The key to true sexiness is to appear as though you aren't trying.

And, sorry Shenae, but this pictorial makes you look like you're taking direction from a photographer whose urging you to seduce the camera. The poses are about as natural as the on-screen chemistry between you and fellow 90210 stars...

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I think that in these pictures she looks really good, but in general she really does not have a pretty face. I think that she's one of those girls who are naturally skinny, not like annalynne mcchord...


I don't think she's particularly attractive, especially in 90210 (probably not helped by her terrible acting), but in these she looks sexy, she's just doing what all the other 'stars' do in magazines. Her facial/body expressions are just the same as Megan Fox's, yet nothing's said about her being directed to seduce the camera. It's a photoshoot, it's not meant to look 'natural'. Do other celebrities photoshoots look natural when they're half naked lying on the floor?


Shenae is very sexy! You're blind Hilton Hater. Just because you write a blog doesn't mean you have to critizie everyone . . . oh wait . . . yes it does, because you have no actual writing talent.


Instead of "Hilton Hater" you should change your name to "Attractive Women in Hollywood Hater." Or better yet, use your real name. Seriously, any blogger criticizing another persons looks should be required to post a photo of themselves first. Who thinks Hilton Hater is sexy? Not me. Who thinks Shenae is sexy? Hell yes!


She looks beautiful in these pics to me. I don't see where the ugly and not sexy comments come in at. I mean yeah she's thin but not as thin as she was when 90210 first started. At least she gained a few pounds and she had the most fun and energetic personality that makes her even more awesome. Plus her acting has improved so much during the second season of 90210.


I never really liked this girl, but she looks sexy as hell here.


I don't see how she is nasty? I am utterly confused? Lady Gaga gets praise when her face looks like an unwiped butt yet this attractive girl gets blasted? I don't understand.