Ricky Martin, Other Latin Celebs Agree: Arizona Sucks!

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If you're a legal immigrant in Arizona, walking down the street with your child, you may now get stopped by the police solely based on the color of your skin.

While it seems incomprehensible that such a law could be passed in the United States, it's a sad fact. It's also one that Shakira spoke out against yesterday and then actually headed down to Phoenix to discuss in person with the mayor and other locals.

Turns out, she isn't the only celebrity (or American with a conscience) to object to this law. At last night's Billboard Latin Music Awards, Ricky Martin said the ruling "makes no sense" and then went off on inequality in general:

"You are not alone. We are with you. Put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop to racism... Long live love, long live peace."

The singer himself came out of the (obvious) closet last month.

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A few others on hand also chimed in on the issue.

Said Latin Artist of the Year winner, Larry Hernandez: "It's regrettable that they are discriminating against for the simple fact of looking Latino. It's not fair. We have to say no to that law."

Meanwhile, at a Phoenix press conference, Arizona native Linda Ronstadt stated: "Mexican-Americans are not going to take this lying down."

It's a contentious issue, one many Americans don't understand. Sound off with your thoughts now!


Vinny, your birth was wrong, but your momma still didn't have an abortion. I believe raping donkey's is still against the law in most countries son.


Oh, and for the note. In other word's idiot's. Martin is my last name. Sandra


As a daughter of an immigrant myself I say to all these celeberities GROW a brain, and kiss sheriff Apaio's ass!!! I am an Arizona native, look ethnic, and hell I live happily, and legally! Why dont you Mexicans, and other immigrant's, do it the right way??? Hmmm...it's because your lazy asses want everything handed to you just like my hard working tax money! Love it or leave it baby! These are the word's of my immigrant father who came here legally. I have been to Argentina, Brazil, and other South American countries, and now i know why they cant stand central Americans. They are still dirty, and uneducated. Hell, even the one's who can speak english cant understand the common Law passed stupid idiot's. And can someone tell Shakira to stop singing. She sound's like a GOAT!!!!


LOL GatorRI you moron. There are many 'mainland' Americans living here already, Puerto Rico, as part of the US, also has an immigration problem (mainly Dominicans). But, yes, plenty of mainlanders here.


Ricky Martin is a natural-born American, so I don't know why he has an opinion on this? These are all celebs you are talking about so it would seem someone paid them to endorse this opinion.


arizona is wrong in so many ways for doing this. It shows how rascist they are. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!


These people need to read the actual law. They can not be stopped randomly. What makes these people think that anyone cares about what celebrities have to say about anything? People that live in AZ are the ones footing the bills. Why don't these celebrities pay for all of the illegal immigrants that come into our hospitals to give birth to their babies? Or, pay money to the rancher's family that was just shot in the back and killed by someone crossing the border illegally. Let them come here legally and we are happy to have them.


i don't get this law..it's stupid..


Hey Ricky, I've heard you sing and you speak English well but I am surprised that you can't read our language.Where did you get the idea that while walking down the street you will be stopped by a policeman requesting to see your identification? The only time that would happen is if you did something wrong like maybe ---- started a brawl,steal someones possession. commit a crime, disobey the law, kill someone, etc. SO, now that you know the truth pass on the word. Oh, by the way Ricky, if you can't read this get someone to read it for you.


Finally, someone has done something to rid our state of all the drug pushers, gang members and garbage that crosses the border , ILLEGALLY, every day. THE LAWS ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKS, but the kiss ass democrats in Washington are afraid to enforce them becaus it might cost them a vote or two. Want to come to the USA, do it the right way! I worked in Mexico for years and was stopped frquently to show my papers, while driving or just walking down the street. No problem, since I was a guest in their counrty. So why should it be different here? Why can't you crybabies just read the law? You can demonstrate all you want and I hope that more groups or institutions cancel their conventions and hotel stays. Guess who works in those industries? They will also be on their way back to Mexico after being laid off. The frre ride in this country is over for ALL illegals, GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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