Report: Gerard Butler to Impregnate Jennifer Aniston

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Five cities. Five countries. Three weeks. One baby.

That's how long and how far Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have traveled together promoting The Bounty Hunter, and what the actress expects to get out of it.

According to the unintentionally comedic OK! Magazine, it was during Jen and Gerard’s stop in Madrid, Spain, that fans started buzzing about more than the film.

The gleam in Jen’s eye ... her easy, confident glow ... her left hand resting on her not-so-flat tummy ... unmistakable signs that she is with child! Or just relaxed.

“Jen very much wants to have a baby girl," a source says. "She had a heart-to-heart with friends and relatives and this is the year she’s going to be a mom.”

If that wasn't proof enough, this cover will do it ...

Baby For Jen!

So who’s on deck to play dad? Gerard Butler! Jen not only "adores Gerry" but thinks "he’d make a perfect father." This story is hilarious for several reasons:

  • The carefully chosen language that never actually says Jennifer Aniston is pregnant (or even dating Gerard Butler). Oh, tabloid editors. Wordsmiths.
  • The use of the word "confirmed," in all caps no less. Thank you, OK. What is confirmed? That the report exists? It sure does ... and applies to nothing! 
  • The fact that Jennifer Aniston "baby news" has been done about 20 times, is obviously untrue, and lacks any credibility, yet they report it again!

Congratulations, Jen, on your baby with a guy who you merely starred in a movie with and flirt with sometimes, and who's really dating Laurie Cholewa.


Gerard Butler wants a beautiful woman not plain jane Jenifer Aniston.And no I'm not jealous because I'm a guy. If you think she is pretty than your probably ugly yourself to have her as your standard for beauty. Let's see eyes to close together.crooked jawline,jay leno chin,paper slits for a mouth,or yes that is really beautiful.


As soon as the publicity junket is over for this movie, Gerard and Jen are going to be yesterday's news as friends and lovers.


Butler would never have any hanky panky with her. He likes beautiful women, not this stinky orange stained makeup clown. He can't stand her personality either and is looking forward to no more press junkets where she clings to him for dear life.


Lol! Don't believe that she is pregnant but if she is I WILL THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON EARTH!!! =)=)


You people are so jealous of her itis so pathetic.Get a life


Jennifer Aniston wants children about as much as Gerry wants to abstain from sex.


If I hear one more Jennifer "overrated" Anniston story I am going to spew chunks all over my computer screen. PS - Anyone else think that Gerard Butler is a Euro-duesce?

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