Nicollette Sheridan Sues Desperate Housewives Creator for Assault

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As a primetime soap opera, Desperate Housewives has remained a popular ABC show due to its sordid storylines and intriguing scenarios.

But nothing that's happened on Wisteria Lane can compare to what a former star is accusing the show's creator of doing: in a documents filed today, Nicollette Sheridan accuses Marc Cherry of assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination.

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According to TMZ, she's suing him for over $20 million, stating that Cherry acted "in an extremely abusive and aggressive manner toward the individuals who work on the show."

Specifically, Sheridan alleges that Cherry struck her across the face in 2008.

This is what supposedly went down:

On September 24, the actress questioned a development in the script. According to the lawsuit, "Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head."

From there, the papers read, Cherry went to Sheridan's trailer to "beg forgiveness." ABC was notified of the situation, but failed to act.

The suit also claims that Cherry once discovered that Teri Hatcher went behind his back to complain about him. His alleged response? "I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies."

Soon after these incidents, plans were made to terminate Sheridan from the show. Her character was killed off last season.

For now, these are nothing more than allegations. As Desperate Housewives winds down its season, though, there's a good chance the drama behind the scenes will continue through the summer.

** UPDATE: ABC has responded: “While we have yet to see the actual complaint, we investigated similar claims made by Ms. Sheridan last year and found them to be without merit.”


The only reason I ever watched that show was because she was in it. Without her, there was no reason to watch. She was fabulous. It's unforgivable that he maneuvered her out of the show.


i loved nicollette in the show i hope whatever happened she should get what she wants there was no need to kill her off on the show she was brillant i loved her she brought so many laughs, drama etc, i still watch the show but miss her in it she was brillant, i hope she gets a better job which is just as good as DH she deserves it she is a brill actress,good luck nicollette all the best for the future. xxx


Why didn't she file papers after it happened? Why did she wait so long to do it. The others won't say anything even if it is true because they will want to keep their jobs. Maybe that't why she got killed off the show. I loved her on the show. I actually stopped watching it a couple of months ago because it's getting boring. She brought so much spice to the show and it's too bad she's gone.



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