Lady Gaga Rumor of the Week: Singer Had Leg Amputated "To Be Different"

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There are so many rumors surrounding Lady Gaga, it's hard to take any of them seriously ... although she's so out there, sometimes it makes you wonder.

Lest we forget the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite story last summer. Talk about serious legs. In fact, there are still people convinced this urban myth is legit.

Gaga: Born This Way

Still, the rumor going around that the singer had a leg amputated below the knee, apparently because she wanted to look different, seems far fetched.

Until she confirms it in a sit-down with Barbara Walters, we're going to put it in the false category. Although whoever started it gets props for creativity.

"I just had this much leg amputated ..."

As the rumor goes, Gaga had a cosmetic amputation surgery and before long, she will personally make the announcement to fans ... or unveil it in avideo.

Depends which version of the rumor you read, we suppose.

While Lady Gaga's fashion sense is as wild as it gets, and we can see some amputation-themed live performance of some kind, this has gotta be a hoax.

Being different is one thing. Hacking off a limb is quite another. Who would want that? And what kind of doctor, save Conrad Murray, would agree to do it?


lady gaga ur so hot but there is something about you dats really annoying stop wearing costumes dat expose ur boobs becos they are so small no hard feelings luv the fashion but plz stp killin boys in ur video thnks


MTV said she amputated both legs but I think she only had one chopped off.


That's not even a funny joke. I for one will never buy her music after that cheap stunt.


There is a genuine condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) where people feel that one of their limbs is not truly their own. Surgeons have actually amputated healthy limbs for people who have this condition, although this of course is not common practice!
Not suggesting that Lady Ga Ga has this, just wanted to say that it happens.


this is true... she did the amputation... and done it already..


lmao . this was a joke made by a fun gossip site and u believe this ahahhhhh


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