Kayden Nguyen: Serious About Steven Seagal Lawsuit

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Despite a threat from Steven Seagal's lawyer, Kayden Nguyen is undeterred in her lawsuit against the actor.

Marty Singer, the attorney for Seagal, says Nguyen's sexual harassment suit against his client "is in direct violation of the terms of the confidentiality agreement" she signed in February, after she earned a job with Seagal.

Nguyen alleges this job was advertised as an executive assistant position... but Seagal instead placed Kayden in a compromising position on her first day in the office, grabbing her breasts and feeling for her crotch. If true, it was the actor's ugliest behavior since everything he did in 2001's Exit Wounds.

Singer has threatened to seek lawyer fees, costs and sanctions from Nguyen if she goes through with the lawsuit - but her attorney isn't budging. Replied William Waldo:

"Please tell Steven Seagal two things. First, the cheap shot threats that might have intimidated other victims and their lawyers don't phase me. Save your ink. Second, Ms. Nguyen's claims are not going away. Five other victims called me yesterday."

Seagal has denied the accusations, while his hilarious reality show (Steven Seagal Lawman) has been placed on hiatus.

** UPDATE: This lawsuit has been dropped.


I was a victim of sexual harrassment..but I still believe in being innocent until proven guilty. Everyone now wants their 15 minutes of fame since Tiger Woods and Jesse James hit the news stands. Look out Hollywood..this is just the beginning. Prove to me that Steven Seagal did this and I will put away all of his movies for a year! I won't stop watching his show because he is doing a good thing. Personlly don't care what happened 20 years ago. Why now? Leave the "Stars" alone. It's their business and not ours!It's all about MONEY!!!!!


What happens when two sociopaths collide.


I bet if you asked her to either get money from Seagal OR send him to jail she would take the cash.


what's wrong with being naked ? I enjoyed being naked , too If you think being naked is a sin , then don't go to the beach to look at nudist people and don't watch TV nudity does not have to be associated with sex to add enjoyment to many activities Being nude has nothing to do with sexual harassment and assault


Despite popular American culture and the concept of "asking for it," wearing certain clothing, or posing nude does not give up a persons right to control their own body, or make it right to commit horribly violent acts against them. If Seagal did this, he should be in jail for decades.


It is an absolute shame that this poor,innocent young damsel was harrassed by Steven. Just to think that a law abiding citizen with his own show would take the risk of leading this poor girl astray is beyond belief.How dare Steven try to corrupt the mind of this innocent young girl!!

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