Jodie Sweetin Pregnant; Morty Coyle Responsible

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Troubled actress Jodie Sweetin is pregnant with her second child, reports say.

The former Full House star, who has fought a well-documented fight against alcohol and crystal meth, is expecting a baby with her BF, club DJ Morty Coyle.

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It's been a whirlwind courtship for Sweetin and Coyle, with the ink barely dry on the papers finalizing her divorce from Cody Herpin, her second husband.

Divorced as of April 20, the couple has a two-year-old daughter, Zoie.

Jodie Sweetin is newly divorced ... and knocked up!

The National Enquirer says Herpin is furious Sweetin is having another baby: “Raising a child takes a lot of time and patience. Jodie hasn’t put in nearly enough time with our own daughter. And now she’s having another child!”

In 2008 Sweetin was arrested on suspicion of DUI, shockingly she had her then eight-month-old daughter in the car with her. Herpin took Sweetin to court.

Now, Herpin claims he only learned of Sweetin's latest pregnancy during the finalization of their divorce. Cody laments: “I find it hard to believe Jodie will keep up her sobriety with the choices she keeps making. To have a child is no small thing.

Congratulations, Jodie and Morty, we think!


pls!!!! kick out the delugerpg


What a mess!! She was married, had a family, left her husband, broke up the family, got pregnant by another guy, got a divorce & now decides she wants a family again. Marriage may be no big thing to her but to us normal folks, it means something.


She can't wait until she's married & can be a family. Well Jodie, I hate to tell you this but you have been married (twice before). You did have a family & at the time you wanted other men & alcohol, that you told the world. What does it take for you to be happy. Certainly not Morty Coyle, an older man that you will get bored with in no time & what will that do to him & the two kids you will then have?


Congrats on the baby news
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Wedding singers....ahahahahahahaaaaa!


she got divorced april 20? THIS april 20?


I agree with her ex on this one. Plus, she is having a baby with a DJ and we all know that career is for losers who when they turn 30 are considered washed up and become wedding singers.

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