Jenna Jameson Drug Test Clean; Tito Ortiz Lying?

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Jenna Jameson claims Tito Ortiz is full of it when accusing her of being high on OxyContin during their altercation Monday - because she passed a drug test.

One day after the domestic incident that left Tito Ortiz arrested for assault, the test, administered by American Toxicology Inc. in Las Vegas, was negative.

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The porn queen's system had no trace of 10 drugs she was screened for - including cocaine, weed, meth and Oxycodone, a major ingredient of OxyContin.

After his arrest, Tito claimed the incident was sparked by Jameson's addiction to OxyContin, and that she fell over in the tub. Jenna vehemently denies this.

Now, after receiving the results of the test, Jenna is reaffirming her claim that she was attacked: "I am definitely not addicted to OxyContin or any drug.โ€

Is Tito just trying to save his a$$ by slandering Jenna?

Reports suggest Ortiz threw Jameson in the tub. Tito denies this, suggesting she took a nasty spill herself. Is he lying, or is the truth somewhere in between?

Jenna's attorney, Ronald Richards, said the following:

"The lab tests clearly exonerate Jenna Jameson of any hint, iota, or suggestion that she ingested or was under the influence of any controlled substances."

"Statements made by anyone to the contrary are completely impeached by the results from this prestigious testing facility.โ€ So where do we go from here?

Despite two contradictory statements Jenna made in the hours after the incident, clean test results cast some doubt on Ortiz's theory that Jenna relapsed.

Who do you believe?


I agree....go for the hair/blood test.


I am not a fan of Tito but I believe him. I have had friends in Drug Court which is something they offer people around my area after they have gotten in trouble for drugs and they have to be piss tested several times a week. They had absolutely no problem passing a piss test less than 10-14hrs after getting higher than hell. Its easy to pass a piss test, as everyone has already mentioned there are so many products one can buy to assist in passing the piss test its not even funny. But I also know that some of my friends passed the piss test 10hrs after getting high by just drinking a ton of water. So what does her Piss test prove? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The fact that she ran out to do this piss test to try n prove shes not a junkie makes her look even worse to me. If she really wanted to prove she hasn't been getting high then she should do a hair or blood test. Her attorney should know better than to say this proves anything, Nice try though Whore.


Testing negative of a urine sample means nothing. Everyone knows you can go to the vitamin store and for $30.00, buy a couple cleansing pills that will assist you to pass clean urine samples. Now a blood test or hair would be a different story.


Wow a drug test 24 hours after she was accused. I wonder what she "took". It's not like there are a million places here in Vegas that you can buy anything to pass any test. Even at gas stations you can buy it. And out of all places in her hometown where her daddy has pull still with metro and tons of other places. Seriously, lets do a hair sample.


I agree that she took a drug test, he should too. Clearing both names, they could work on more pressing matters like taking care of there twins. They need angermangement and be parents.

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Her profession has nothing to do with it, and we've never suggested anything like that. If anything, wouldn't HIS profession make him appear less credible, given the accusations here? If there's any doubt about Jenna's side, it resulted from her own contradictory comments about what happened, although with a drug test now in her favor, that backs up her side and casts doubt on Tito's story.


I don't understand why the story is still being written as though Titto "may" still be telling the truth, ppl aren't always 100% after an incident like that so the fact that Jenna's story changed alittle does not make her a lier, he tried to fucking run her name through the dirt not so much about her reputation, but she has kids to take care of you can't be calling ppl pill heads in the press when they have 2 young children. Yes, she did porn but she is still the mother of his children and was clearly thrown around by a professional cage fighter! I don't get why ppl aren't more on her side, her profession should have nothing to do with the fact that she was abused by someone she trusted and loved.


the fact that he is lieing and trying to blame it on her is really scarey...esp. because she still wants him to work on their relationship. he doesn't even think he did anything wrong...which means he will do it over & over again...


I'm glad that she passed all the drug tests. Now, she needs to leave his ass behind. I know she claims she still loves him, as all abused women do, but if he did this to her once, he is going to do it again. Maybe, he should be tested for drugs.

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