David Archuleta Is Not Gay

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A few nights ago, David Archuleta was spotted at a gay club in New York City.

As a result, silly rumors have sprung up all over the Internet, questioning the adorable singer's sexuality. While he wouldn't be ashamed if he were gay, Archuleta has taken to Twitter to clear everything up:

I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice.

Hope that clears things up! Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh!

Darn. That's too bad. Who wouldn't love to see Adam Lambert couple up with David Archuleta?!?


yeah,I know.....but david and charice as love team??what the hell are you thinking?


doesn't MATCH !


In one of Charice and her mom's christmas 2009 interview in the Phil.(Profiles Christmas special), the mom revealed to the host that her daughter was being courted by a famous American idol, (well take a wild gues)in another interview on Nov. 24, 2009, Charice was caught talking cheerfully with all smiles and sparkling eyes to someone on her cellphone,then she was ask whom she's talking to, then using her speaker phone, she ask the guy to tell his name, he said "what? Oh, you mean tell my name, I'm David Archuleta" and Charice said " ok there you go". You can deduct from these.


david and his girlfriend charice are recording a new song together in LA tonight!!!!!!!. i can't wait to hear it!.


what?!?!?!? david archuleta just tweeted that he has pinkberry for first time in LA, he went one in new york city after his " girlfriend" charice performed at the gay club. oh david be honest now!


how can david be gay if he is in a FIRST REAL relationship with his new girlfriend charive???. i wish people STOP thinks he is gay.


Hellion, you are such an idiot, I do not know your orientation but you must be "gay" I mean a real one.... Thats ashamed. Do not accused people if you really do not know them "asshole"...LOL


the funny thing is, people are still claims he is gay, get over it already. here we go again, david archuleta and charice are offically dating because there was many legit rumors that they're dating and people were reporting asking david archuleta and charice reps if they're a couple but both reps refused to comments about their relationship.


David Archuleta definitely does NOT hate gay people; he doesn't hate ANYONE for that matter. He is one of the most innocent, genuine, respectful people out there, and the fact that everyone can't see that and is ripping him apart over this just bugs me. He said before that he is not gay, and in his tweets that night, "I have nothing against anyone, I'm sorry if that's how it came across." He was not, as some have said "getting defensive about going to a gay club as if it was a bad thing", he just wanted his fans and people to know that he's not the partying/clubbing/drinking type. Because he's not. And we should all be ok with that.


The issue shouldn't be "David is not gay!!" (which is irrelevant, one way or the other) but whether he's homophobic (which he is not). Even when he stated that he has gay friend and that "they're great people" many folks accused him of using the sleazy old "Oh, some of my best friends are blah-blah-blah..." line (which he did not). The naive fangurls need to stop demanding that "he's not gay" and the PC queens need to stop demanding that "he's as gay as a Christmas goose that's been stuffed" and "should come out of the closet" as if he owes you that. People also need to stop reacting like David's the Adolf Hitler of political incorrectness. He's an innocent puppy boy who doesn't go clubbing, is embarrassed even to hug people, and would have been just as uncomfortable in a girlie bar.


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