Damon Thomas Beat Kim Kardashian, Tabloid Reports

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the world of tabloid journalism. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The reality star pays a publicist to ensure she and her family receive as much attention as possible. But while these stories typically center around harmless "news" items such as Kim's latest weight loss, a pair of reports this week focus on Kim's dangerous love life.

First, Life & Style quoted Kim's friends as fearing for their pal's feelings because she's mixed up with a major, orgy-loving player in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Conversely, Star delves into Kardashian's past. It claims to have uncovered court documents that prove Kim was abused in her marriage to music producer Damon Thomas.

Secret Marriage Report

Kardashian and Thomas (pictured, right) were married from 2000-2004. During their time together, the cover story above alleges the latter flew into jealous rages, threatened Kim's life and forced her to get plastic surgery.

Kim recounts one incident, citing a day when the couple was scheduled to go skydiving with Justin Timberlake:

“Before we left our home, Damon hit me in the face and cut my lip open. I fell into the bed frame and banged my knee hard. I was limping when we went skydiving.”

If this story is true, Kim has recovered nicely. She's established a career for herself that involves receiving money for random appearances, followed by a day of shopping and paparazzi photos that are often arranged by her publicist, resulting in more cash in Kim's pocket.

For example, Kardashian has spent this week in Australia...

An Aussie Shopper
Shopping Down Under
Kim, in Australia
Aussie Fans
Begging for an Autograph
Hideous Shades

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LIAR!!! This is yet another fake story for some more column space smdh!


Kim's rocky marriage was already well known and well documented.


that's too bad if kim was secretly married to an abuser for 4 yrs. she's rehabilitated her image and has a lucrative career. she shoved Paris Hilton right out of the spotlight, thank God. come on now, we all enjoy catching a peek at kim's fat ass and she's pretty good humored about it. kim is a pioneer being one of the first to be famous for nothing and launching a career with a sex tape. she now has her own drug store price designer perfume, copy cat clothing line for BeBe, spokesperson for that diet pill that probably gives stomache aches to get you to stop eating and endless other endorsements. TMZ's tv show has the best coverage of Kim's fat ass!


are you serious really, please funny how you have been divorced for this long and after your untouched fat ass photos came out now you bring this up hmmmm nice way to shift the focus off your fat ass and onto someone else . Get a life you attention whore.. i no him and not mean person at all . why dont you try another sex tape if you need the fame that much ....


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Wow, Kim's fans, if "Kim Fan" is any indication, are seriously mentally deficient. What the hell is a "Thud" in your "opion"? No wonder you love Kim to death, you're a moron.


Im so Mad at kim i love her to death but i cant belive she would allow him to Hit her she needs to be a strong women and let him go hes not a perfect person i kinda figured he would not be a husband matireal hes one of those pepole who likes to attact good women hes just a Thud in my opion


Kim is so pretty, but she must be seriously messed up mentally to allow all these men to abuse/betray her this way.


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