Confirmed: Rihanna Dating Matt Kemp!

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They were all but officially together, from everything we read and shared with you, but Rihanna still played coy about her relationship with baseball star Matt Kemp.

Until now.

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"He's my boyfriend," Rihanna said of the L.A. Dodgers outfielder in a confession to Ryan Seacrest this morning, just hours after her performance on American Idol.

"It's new and it's fun," she added. "It's nothing too serious. I don't want anything that's going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way."

She'll be alright. At least this guy slugs home runs out of Dodger Stadium, rather than women. Try not to get too pi$$ed and start breaking stuff, Chris Brown.

"I just want to have fun, and that's what it's about," she said.

Matt Kemp and Rihanna: Officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

They were first seen lip-lockin' in Cabo in early January, although a few days later his agent was in denial mode. He then went MIA from the Grammy Awards.

But the pair became less secretive around the time of Rihanna's birthday in mid-February and when the MLB All-Star introduced her to his parents.

For her to drop the "boyfriend" bomb, things must be going great. Matt Kemp is also 3-10 with 3 RBIs through two games this year, so no side-effects there yet.

They make a pretty hot couple, don't you think?


i hate it when i c her with anybody. i felt jealous


Rihana how I wish I can see you with my two eyes,i well forever be your fan I swear to god, I well like to have you as my sister.


is the new about rihanna chrise really true i wanna no


perfect match. i love u rihanna


Awww..couple...i love the fact that the teo blend and Rihanna has gotten done with Chris Brezzy...wishing her and her new found lover all the best


ya kon ugly wt dat old dude, crick out bak 2 criss


hei guyz dats serious chemical bond heish guyz mare u luk gud wat a gud match


Rihanna's a devil incarnat.I loath her 4 tryina 2 bring C.B sure she's only dating Kemp 4 disguise that she's mvd on.u suck gal.


Ur new hairstyle is great and going to in a relationship with matt kemp is also great i love u,u are one of the best musician in america keep it up live ur life the way u want


I Think Rihanna Is Doing Good For Herself After Stupidd ChrisBrown Hit Her She Didnt Let That Get In Her Way From Trusting Guys I Think She Did A Good Job With Matt And Common Lets Be Realistic Rihanna Aint An Ugly Female She Can Nearly Rock Anything, ILOVEYOU RIHANNA! _jAy(:

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