Joe Jackson: Omer Bhatti is Michael's Son!

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Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating that a Norwegian dancer, Omer Bhatti, is the secret son of Michael Jackson, a love child resulting from the King of Pop's one-night stand with his mother, Pia Bhatti, a quarter-century ago.

Speculation then increased when photos surfaced of Omer Bhatti sitting with Jackson's brothers at his memorial service July 7, and when it was revealed that Bhatti lived at Neverland Ranch with Jackson when he was a kid.

But last week, according to The Mirror (UK), Omer said that while he and the star were very close, and he was "like a son" to him, they are not related.

That made sense ... at least as much as anything regarding Michael Jackson can. But now, Michael's insane father, Joe, is weighing in on the subject.

In an interview with NewsOne, Joe Jackson is now saying Michael Jackson is the father of Omer Bhatti, and that he always knew Omer as his son.

Compelling, yes. But there are a couple of problems with this account:

  1. Joe Jackson is typically not lucid.
  2. When Joe Jackson does have a coherent thought, it more than likely is based around a shameless attempt to cash in on someone or something.

More than likely, Joe either has no clue where he is at this moment, or is angling to make money off of this story somehow. A pimp always finds a way.

The kid himself has explained the relationship with Michael, and with a lack of anything more concrete to go on, it's still hard to believe that the 25-year-old is the secret love child of Michael Jackson. Oh, and Omer Bhatti is WHITE, people.

Here's the recent Joe Jackson interview in question ...


/ It’s the first time I have heard that in Macedonia, obits are an unusual oresbve. You have wonderfully written the post. I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.


~I don't agree. Michael said it himself "...I never really had sex before..." during a phone conversation in the early 1990's (seen on YouTube). And I can see where he got the "really" from. In the film "Living with Michael" he explains his first (almost) experiance (Also seen on YouTube). ~Even though Omer kinda looks like Mike and dances like a Jackson, (idk, I never seen him dance)that could really be anybody. I mean, I see features in on me thats the same as Michael, and with enough practice, I'm sure I can dance like a Jackson too. ~Omer could of been just one of Michaels close kid friends. Like Emmanuel Lewis and Macaulay Culkin. You see Michael more them than Omer.


First of all The Song "Billie Jean" is on Mike's 1982 Album "Thriller"
Omer Bhatti wasn't born Until 1984 Years After The Song .......LOL Mike didn't Meet Omer & His Family until 1996 or 1997 . I Personally Don't Believe Omer is Mikes or A Jackson I'm not even Sure why? the Jackson's Keep Claiming him As A Jackson Kid When Hes not really one Just Some Half White & Iranian Indian Boy Mike Met & The Jackson's Are trying to Claim him . What pisses me off is This Fool (Omer) has played off the Rumor of him been Mike's & A Jackson since 2009 When Mike Died & Is Using it To Hype up A Rap Career for himself Instead of Actually telling the Truth Him & Some of the Jackson's.


I truly believe that Omer is Michael's son. I've done alot of research on MJ. Maybe Omer does not want to reveal that he is the son of MJ, he wants this private. But you know, there is a picture of him when he was young about eight year's old, and there is a resemblance of MJ's other son, Blanket. Those two looked exactly the same. I feel that is a wonderful idea that Omer is taken over as a father to the children. The children need
someone like him to take care of them, other than their grand parents. Since Omer is related to the family. Bless to the Jackson's family. RIP MJ.


I think he looks like Michael. He does look like the offspring of a medium-skinned black man and a white woman. He even has Michael's pre-surgery features. That kid is his son. He was even pictured in a "family photo" taken at Neverland Ranch (he was holding Prince Michael when PM was younger, I believe, and standing RIGHT next to Michael) that appears in the People Magazine tribute issue, which I bought. Before this stuff even started circulating, I looked att eh picture and was thinking, "That kid...looks like Michael. o_O "


i am mixed raced and people think i am white i have thick straight hair my mum is white my dad is half white and aboriginal


Michael had vitiligo he didn't bleach his skin,he used creams to even out his skin tone because it over 50%of his body! MJ is the biological dad to Prince,Paris,and Blanket they look so much like him and other memebers of the Jackson family! I think Omer i'm not sure about because i don't think MJ would have left one of his children out of his will! But Omer does look like MJ! And for those ignorant people who say the other children are "too white" Joe has blue/green eyes and caucasian blood,Katherine has native american blood and debbie rowe is caucasian! So yes MJ is their biological dad!


now i personally dont think he is mj's son kuz he looks too white i mean come on now if that is his dad wouldnt he at least be a little darker than he is why couldnt they juss be real close... but then again he could juss take a blood test an we would all know hmm...


Independente do Omer ser ou não filho de Michael, eu adoro ele !!!


you idoits michael jackson did not bleach his skin. and omer could be michaels son. if you look at pics when michael was black and look at omer they look alike. omer even dances like michael. the only way to know is to take a blood test. michael i got your back i love you so much.

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