Mindy McCready "Unaware" and "Outraged" Over "Unauthorized" Sex Tape Release

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When hilarious news of a Mindy McCready sex tape broke Monday, we had a good laugh and wondered how long it would be until she pretended to decry its XXX release.

3... 2... 1...

"We are not aware of the production or release of the alleged film that seems to have surfaced via various media reports," McCready's attorney, Adam Dread, said.

"We can confirm that any illegally-obtained property, and/or fabricated footage, and the release thereof, will be dealt with swiftly following proper legal procedure."

Got all that?

Mindy McCready Sex Tape

BASEBALL MISTRESS: That she was, though Roger Clemens is not involved in Mindy McCready's sex tape, making the title kind of misleading. Funny, but misleading.

We've been around the celebrity sex tape block long enough to know that the statement from McCready's lawyer was likely written with one or both of these goals:

  1. To act indignant and pretend the sex tape was "leaked"
  2. To get McCready in on the profits, a la Kim Kardashian

We find it unlikely Vivid would make it this far without obtaining legal waivers, but either way, you could say that she's playing hardball ... eh? Baseball Mistress?

Hello? Is this thing on? Never mind.


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Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Have fun


one question: if you are famous and u know some people will take advantage of you, why would u type ur "activities" in the first place?


Who gives a s$$$.


i hate leaky sex tapes !


I guess that's what she gets for leaking the Kari Ann Peniche/Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart sex tape (according to Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab.) Karma.

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