Levi Johnston Pays Up, is Far From Pleased

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Levi Johnston has finally coughed up the full back child support payments he owes to his baby mama and former fake fiancee, but that doesn't mean he has to like it.

The aspiring actor and Playgirl model wrote Bristol Palin a check for $21,561.12 - the full amount that an Alaska judge ordered Levi to pay - and it actually cleared.

Brooke, Mark and Bristol

Levi is still ordered to pay $1,750 a month in child support payments, which he's not happy about, and is also on the hook for an additional $3,500 in back support.

The 19-year-old will try to comply with the judge’s order, he’s not happy about having to pay so much, his lawyer Rex Butler said, arguing that the sum is just unfair.

Levi Johnston is teaming up with Kathy Griffin to pay the bills.

“Levi promptly paid the full amount that the court ordered ... he does not agree with the amount and will seek reconsideration of the court’s order,” Butler said Monday.

“If he prevails, he will receive a credit ... he will obviously work hard to generate the income, but he’d rather pay and fight than be in contempt of the court’s order.”

Levi is already working to try and pay what he owes, no matter what it takes. He recently shot an episode of Kathy Griffin’s TV show My Life On The D List in Alaska.

He's also rumored for a role on Desperate Housewives in the near future. Hopefully that works out ... we can see him as a teenage hunk who knocks someone up.


I hear what you all are saying. Yet if you don't pay child support, then you don't know what the law is and it varies state by state. What ever the non custodial parent is making is what its based on at that time. So his big head of sh*t and stupidity of CHOOSING to go pose nude in Playgirl and all the other jobs/gigs he does that is making him tons of money is biting him in his a*s right now. He makes alot he pays more based on the percentage scale for one kid in AK NO MATTER WHAT THE CHILD'S AGE IS! You know its kinda like a celebrity that makes lots of money and they pay lots of child support...I know its weird...yet that's what he has become.
It does not matter what she makes whether its a little or alot. The state of Alaska bases it on a certain percentage of income. So he is getting what he deserves until he chooses to take a job that pays way less, then he'll pay what ever percentage of that.


Deadbeat dad Loafer Levi must pay up. If he runs out of money, his whacko friends like Joy Behar & Kathy Griffin can bail him out.


Have to agree with vswilson and hellion, he may not be the best example of a great guy but, the amount of money demanded from him is ridiculous. No way does a baby within the first year need that much money. That doesn't include the money that Bristol is putting toward her child. She's darn fortunate to have the family she does, she's got it made otherwise she'd be struggling horribly to survive if she didn't have the support, house to live in, money and babysitting that her family provides for her. She may be angry at Levi but they BOTH made that baby. They have a lot of growing up to do.


For clarification: In all fairness, the amount that Levi has been ordered to pay should be temporary until the child is at least 2 years old, and the amount than modified with Bristol's earning capacity.For Bristol to expect this sum per month,for a total of 18-21 years is unreasonable.Contributions from her earning power,
will cause the child support that has been imposed towards Levi to go down drastically after Bristol gets a job.Considering her family connections it will not be hard for her to find employment,and Share in the upkeep of her son's well being along with what Levi will continue to pay.It is totally unfair for Levi to have to continue to pay with no monetary contributions from Bristol.PEACE!!


$21,000!!! Damn, does the baby sleep on a gold plated blanket? I'm not defending Levi simply because he is a piece of garbage but does anyone that is sane believe that the $21K that he just forked over is going to go to a baby that isn't even two years old yet?


I have to laugh at the headline.For months Levi has been talking
"bullstuff" about Sarah and the Palin family,knowing that his son lives with The Palins. Now he has to send money into that household every month,knowing that he no longer have a "Love Connection" with Bristol.While he was out there living it up,
blasting The Palins, and showing his A$$,Bristol was saying,"Show me the money".If Levi learns nothing else in life,he now knows that his "conquest" came with a stiff pricetag!!


Non-talented, plastic surgery gone wrong, desperate bi teams up w/brainless drug addict's spawn in order to appear in the tabloids. They both ooze hate and contempt for society in America. Why do you give these idiots coverage? They contribute nothing.

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