Ex-Wife of Casey James: Music is Singer's Life

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Kellie James has bad news for Kara DioGuardi:

No matter how much you fawn over Casey James, it won't go anywhere.

"Music is everything to Casey," said Kellie, the woman that was married to him from 2005 to 2008. "He just does what he loves to do, which is music, but he's never thought of himself as a heartthrob. Frankly, I think it embarrasses him."

So far, James has handled the inappropriate Kara crush very well each week on American Idol. It's a joke the show should really stop referring to over and over.

In her interview with The National Enquirer, Kellie also details the motorcycle accident that left Casey with a fractured left wrist and right femur. He was in a wheelchair for six months as a result of it.

"The doctors told us that they didn't know whether Casey would be able to use his hand again, much less play the guitar," said Kellie. "When he was finally able to play again, Casey felt he had a new lease on life."

It's a lease that has paid off very well through the early rounds of Idol. Casey is considered the male favorite on season nine.


probably the best guitar player of any contestant of the 9 seasons. and he has an amazing vioce to go along with that.


Men like Casey should not get married ( to a human, that is!)
The women fans are 'voracious' and have no conscience whatsoever- anymore( i.e. homewreckers- galore!!!) Many middle-aged women are walking around whose 'TRUST' have been betrayed by 'CASEY JAMES-like situations)........enough said. CASEY's talent speaks for itself!!!!


I think Casey James is a great singer, musician and of course his looks he is so gorgeous. My favorite moment and probably his too was when Bret Michaesl and he played together. That was awsome.
He is an American Idol sorry Lee think you are a nerd.


Ugh. Gag me with a coat hanger. Looks arn't everything. In fact i bet in some of your cases... their nothing.


were do i start casey you are the best no matter if you got kicked off or not i know you will go far in your music carreer and i now i will buy every cd that has your beautiful voice on it you are a great musician and not to mention great looking :)the blonde hair and blue eyes are all i need when you add a nice body and an awsome voice you hit it off much luv


OMG Casey James is so hot with his long blonde hair and blue eyes I want to run my fingers thru his gorgous long blonde hair he deserves to win hes the best.


I think it embarrasses him because he'd rather have people love him for his music instead of his appearance. And as for their marriage, you guys should shut the hell up. Its their past not yours, quit gossiping like old women in mayberry. Damn.


Casey~~~you are awesome, very talented, and a very nice and handsome young man. Stay true to yourself because your life is going to change now. Remain focused, give some more of your wonderful personality on stage next week and let the audience see you feel the lyrics with all your heart and passion. Don't hold back and give it all you have. I am from Houston, Texas and all of Texas is pulling for you and Texas is very proud of you. Take care and I will see you next week on stage!! Good luck, Casey!! TEXAS AND ALL YOUR OTHER FANS WILL BE PULLING FOR YOU!!


Casey James has a real talent and will have the career he wants from this point on. My only complaint is with the judges who asked him to remove his shirt! That was very inappropriate. If Simon and Randy had asked one of the girl contestants the same thing it would have been a much differant story.


He is still my fav. He is still a good singer/musician/talent. I think his looks did help but its just a bonus. As far as for the EX. maybe it just wasnt meant to be. ( Maybe is he meant for me :D )

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