Tenley Molzahn: Bachelor Sweetheart or Prude, Manipulative B!tch?

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Is Tenley Molzahn the sweet, genuine cutie she appears to be on The Bachelor? Not according to her ex-husband's mistress, to whom he is now engaged!

One of Bachelor Jake Pavelka's frontrunners all season and one of his final three heading down the stretch, Tenley is a fan favorite ... but for how long?

Tenley Molzahn has won much sympathy from Jake and fans by noting that her previous marriage ended after her ex, Ryan Natividad, cheated on her.

But the "alleged" other woman who came between their marriage, which lasted just 15 months, says Tenley isn't "the sweet girl everyone thinks."

She's also a manipulative ... and a prude.

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Tenley Molzahn certainly plays the part of the girl-next-door sweetheart who got her poor heart broken ... does Jake Pavelka know what he's getting into?

"She'd only allow sex once a week... and sometimes withheld that," says Christina Latham, who is now engaged to Natividad, and denies he ever cheated on Tenley.

Latham also says The Bachelor hopeful "wouldn't let him see his family."

Sounds like the stuff of a controlling b!tch ... but is it true? A Tenley pal says that "She loved Ryan deeply. If there was any bad treatment, it was instigated by him."

But Latham insists, "There is no way she loved him."

On The Bachelor, Tenley took Jake to her hometown of Newberg, Oregon, and Jake even got her dad's blessing. But should he beware of what she may be hiding?

What do you think? Is Tenley the girl she presents herself to be or a brat who emasculates men Kate Gosselin style? And who should Jake pick?


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On the Bachelor show, Tenley was such a sweet person, and attractive too. I still cannot understand why Jake didn't pick her. I'm convinced that Jake regretted that, but he'll never tell. Beside's i wouldn't trust Tenley's ex husbands mistress if my life depended on it. We don't know nothing about her, so why would we trust her comments.


not according to her ex husband's mistres? why would anyone trust that twat's opinion in the first place? Tenley's marriage ended due to his indescressions...why would the pig he chose to hurt her with have anything trustworthy to say?


Wow. All that from a the lady who was boffing Tenley's husband, clearly herself a class act. I would take what any woman screwing a married man says with a grain of adulterated salt, no? I mean, I'm sure Tenley's no saint, but I think we all know Vienna ended up on the short list. Ick. Pavelka seemed smart and decent in the beginning but he thinks with the wrong head. I'm shocked. Never! Not in a man in his thirties! No! That would NEVER happen!


they are lying. Tenley is amazing and Jake should of picked her. this is all a lie. I HATE VIENNA AND LOVE TENLEY!


people who are spurned for another person in a marriage usually didnt have a strong marriage to begin with so who's to say that the husband just had enough of the games being played and moved on to something better. that the person who was left for another woman still continues to have problems landing a mate speaks volumes about her character.


I think that the credibility of the source in this article is seriously in question. Of course the woman who cheated with Tenley's husband would say things like this about her. I'm sure being the "other woman" is not working out so well for her these days...


I think all reasonable men out there saw that Tenley was too much of a princess. Every normal guy I know has dated a girl like her: pretty, dumb, naive, etc. and in the end all of them regretted it. Tenley most likely grew up in an environment where she was conditioned to hate sexual urges and while the idea of that is cool if you're looking for a wife, it is completely impractical in the long run. She is a stupid child who almost certainly withheld sex from a guy that thought marriage would lock that 5hit up. She didnt put out even when married so he left. Is that so hard to believe or expect?


being a young woman who is the same age is vienna i can honestly say that i can understand what jake meant when he said that tenley simply wasnt hot enough meaning that she just was not physically attractive enough to hold his attention for very long and kudos to him for being honest enough not to lie both to himself and to her cause im sure it wouldnt have worked out in the end. tenley while not entirely gorgeous can still find another more average looking guy in her future. good luck tenley and congrats to jake and vienna for finding true love.


Being a young man (prob the only one on here), and the same age as Tenley, I can say that Tenley was a doll. I hated to see her hurt, didn’t understand Jake’s decision and agree with her entirely when she said that one day he would regret his decision. He will. Jake chose lust over love when he chose Vienna. And the only reason there was so much fire between Jake and Vienna was because she was constantly seducing him, while Tenley maintained her composure as a lady. It is no surprise there wasn’t the same degree of fire.


OMG! Are you kidding me??? When was the last time you heard the current "squeeze" of a guy say anything nice or positive about his former girlfriend or wife?!?!?!?! Also, dont you think Mr. Natividad has probably lied thru his teethe to his current girlfriend in order to gain her sympathy???? After all, he is a cop and we all know how cops lie so much that they themselves even loose track of what the truth is!!!