Marriage Can Wait, Fun Cannot, Says Kim Kardashian

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The Super Bowl has come and gone, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts and, still, Kim Kardashian does not have a diamond on her finger.

A couple weeks ago, rumors had circulated that as soon as Reggie Bush won his championship ring, he'd follow up by placing a similar piece of jewelry - with a very different meaning - on his girlfriend's hand.

Alas, Kim is still single, but she sounds perfectly fine with that arrangement.

“I’ve been married before I was 19 and I want to take my time," she said in Las Vegas on Valentine's Day. "There are rumors like, ‘Kim is pressuring him,’ and there is none of that at all, I really want to take my time. We are young and we’re having fun."


That actually sounds... mature and grounded. Who are you, and what have you done with Kim Kardashian?!?

“We need to just support each other in every thing we do, so it’s just about spending time together,” she added.

The couple will have plenty of opportunities for that. Bush has an entire off-season ahead of him and, well, Kim doesn't do much aside from pose on red carpets. They can probably fit in some quality time in there somewhere.

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Yesterday,today,and tomorrow,as always.
Date for 6 months, when are you getting married?
Be married for 6 months, when are you having children?
Be married for 1 year,when are you going to give your parents grandchildren?
Be married for 2 years,and no pregnancy in sight,what are you waiting for,you must not want children.
Be married for 2 1/2 years with no children, you are headed for divorce court. Reggie B and Kim K are having the time of their young lives,he works his magic on the football field,she works her magic wherever she happens to be.To my "Barber Shop co-writers",I will say ,it not what a person "see"in a person, it is what that person "gets"from the other person.Reggie B and Kim K were involved before,and after the Super Bowl,and are "still" a couple.He is more reserved,and she is more out there,but it works for the two of them.PEACE!!!


shes only saying that because he wont marry her.
Shes been talking about marriage for over a year now shopping for her own engaement rings meeting with vera wang etc. She should be patient and wait til he's ready hes only 24!


Hello, who ever said Kim was white was wrong! She is Armenian. Maybe you should become more educated on the subject. And she was actually known in more affluent social circles because her father was one of OJ Simpson’s attorneys. She wasn’t known to the world because up until her infamous tape she hadn’t done anything tabloid worthy.


Ginaa - she wasn't popular yet - she only became famous after her bf gave her a golden shower, taped it and it went viral on the net... just as disgusting as the rest


She was married before she was 19?? I didn't even know that