J-Woww: the Next Kim Kardashian?

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One would think Jenni “J-Woww” Farley and Kim Kardashian could be like total BFFs, but they won't be collaborating on skanky fashion or Quik Trim anytime soon.

That’s because the Jersey Shore star completely upstaged the professional celebrity at the launch of her new Kardashians for Bebe line in New York February 16.

According to reports, throngs of J-Woww admirers, which apparently exist, couldn’t keep away from her, even asking if they could touch her gigantic fake boobs.

Imagine how that's gotta make Kim Kardashian feel.

So hurt was the future Mrs. Reggie Bush that she refused to pose for any pictures with J-Woww or let her backstage at her show that night. Oh, it is on, b!tches.

A J-Woww Photo

Somebody's jealous! [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

But are these two really that different? Or is Kim just seething because she and J-Woww have so much in common, and the guidette is stealing her thunder?

Think about it. Kim’s longtime boyfriend is NFL star Reggie Bush. J-Woww likes guys, “tall, completely jacked, steroids, like, multiple growth hormones." Yes.

One of our favorite Jersey Shore quotes right there.

Meanwhile, wherever Kim goes, Kourtney, Khloe or one of her 16 brothers or sisters are sure to follow, while J-Woww and the Jersey Shore cast are mad tight.

Maybe it's a stretch, but is J-Woww the next Kim? Can anybody really replace Kim in terms of achieving undisputed A-list status for no real reason? Tough call.


i think jwhatever is just some cheap looking wild girl that i defiantly do not want young girs to admire. At least kim has the clothing line, her store, modeling, the stuff she does for charities-keeping up with the kardashians is last on her claim to fame in my book she does a lot more.


you are completely correct, and when i think about more and more i feel like kim messed up when she decided not to take pix with j-woww. and you are completely right, the icon market that Kim rules is sooo yesterday, and J-woww makes the icon marketing style fresher because she is not connected to any celebrities, she is your average girl with fake boobs who is becoming an A-lister


Kim is a straight up loser and so is jwoow. Nobody cares about neither one. FAMOUS FOR NO REASON!


well i think that theres alot of people that want to beeeecome something i life & actually have talent & & work there asses off . it just sux that people like this two girls are famous for doing nothing like a SEXTAPE & a so called "REALITYSHOW" this world is fuck up...


who the fuck cares jwow looks dirty


Well, the main difference is that JWOOW actually has a legit "claim to fame".


There is absolutely no comparison between Kim and J-Who?. None WHAT SO EVER!!!!


Kim is really good looking and that is why she is a celebrity - her sisters I can't say the same for. J-Woow (what kind of retarded nickname is that?) is 3 in the morning, drunk and depressed hot and will probably be in celebrity rehab in a few years.

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