First Look: Rihanna's "Rude Boy" Video

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We saw the promotional pics yesterday, how here's the real deal: the vibrant, sexually-charged new video for Rihanna's newest single "Rude Boy."

Mad booty shakin', come-hither looks and pop art in the style of Andy Warhol are featured. As are some fairly bizarre images and suggestive lyrics.

Rihanna singing "Come here rude boy, boy, is you big enough?" While she's riding several, um, well-endowed mammals as a lion and a zebra?

Let's hope Matt Kemp measures up to her expectations...

What do you think of Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video?


Digrading a special thing enough said


Stop hatting on the girl she have talent cause she's making money and ya haters ain't ya haters probably sleeping around for money that's not talent peace


Well the song is eh.
her voice is quite annoying,and uhm the video reminds me too much of M.I.A. N.E.X.T!!!!


rhinna has big issues her music videos are all corropted and they all sting....thay seem as if she has been possessed and as if she needs help because can someone ...sing a song called ..DISTURBIA...THEY MUST obviously be disturbed themselves. she seemsas if she is blind and doesnt now what her songs mean and infulence they arte putting on young adults.


What I don't get, is untalented bloggers who have a lot of negative things to say, if u were any better u wouldnt be wasting time writing stupid comments, stop hating and get a life! Rihanna is extremely talented and is showing different sides to her personality, she can sing and dance and she's gorgeous!With that body, face and those moves, most men would love to be with her, if a man isnt affected by her gyrations, he probably needs to check his sexuality.


Now that she manless again, she's desperate as usual.


umm Rihanna is very talented she voice is one of a kind and most of her songs are very catchy and unique shes not a slut shes just dancing that is how you would prob dance in a club shes dancing to the beat of her song. Her talent aside that video was bad ahaha i dunno i just can't get into that at all, song is good though and im gonna go get the cd lol!


This video and song are awful..we know sex sells and I'm tried of people in this industry beginning whores..want to distract you for there lack of talent and shock value


Maan this is the rihanna i lyk she really killing it in this video nd she can actually dance wooow i sooo luv it...


Everything after her Good Girl Gone Bad album, has been crap.
She's quite talented and she needs to stop singing crap and producing crap.


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