Source: Matt Kemp, Rihanna "Very Much Together"

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Rihanna and rumored new love Matt Kemp have certainly not acted like they're "just friends, "but she says she's single and will be at the Grammys solo tonight.

So what the heck is going on with this hot, alleged couple here?

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A source close to Rihanna and Matt Kemp say the baseball star isn't exactly thrilled about the amount of media attention he has gotten since they began dating.

Dating a global music star, did he expect to be under the radar?

Matt is upset given "the negative publicity he's received over the last couple weeks." Does that imply he's the one sitting out the Grammy Awards by choice?

Rihanna and Matt Kemp sure act like a couple.

It's all good, though, the source says. Rihanna is cool with flying stag, but at the same time, "they are very much together and unfazed by recent events."

The negative attention and "recent events" would be rumors of Kemp's past with an ex-girlfriend and media outlets even comparing him to Chris Brown.

Kemp probably would have been happy to accompany Rihanna to the Grammy Awards if "this other nonsense" had not happened, an insider dished.

But, because things did, "He wouldn't want to take anything away from her having a perfect evening." Sounds like a pretty gentlemanly move to us.

Even better? Rihanna and Matt Kemp are set rendezvous next weekend in Miami for the Super Bowl. So all is well in hot, denied relationship land.


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Rhinna is in no hurry to take another ride on "The Love Boat", she is taking her time,and exploring her options.She is not falling heads over heals for anyone right now.Because of all the adverse publicity from her last charmer,she will be more in control of her relationship this time.


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