Ex-Husband of Tenley Molzahn to Jake Pavelka: Run!

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Jake Pavelka is down to two women on The Bachelor, with his final gut-wrenching decision awaiting viewers Monday night on an emotional season finale.

Personality-wise, Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi could not be more different. But they do have this in common: Ex-husbands who say they're nuts!

We've already heard Vienna's ex-husband describe her lying, cheating, bank account draining ways. Now Tenley's ex is out to warn Jake about her too.

Ryan Natividad basically claims Tenley is not as sweet as she seems, but rather a prude, manipulative bitch who is "infatuated with becoming famous."

The police officer, who she says was unfaithful, says Tenley Molzahn aspired to be an L.A. Lakers cheerleader and America's Next Top Model contestant.

Jake Pavelka, Tenley Molzahn

Would Jake Pavelka be making a mistake with Tenley Molzahn?

"Tenley is a great actress, a master of manipulation,” Ryan says. “She’s far from the demure and innocent person she pretends to be on The Bachelor.

He also strongly refutes rumors that he ever cheated on her, as Tenley has claimed numerous times as Jake has courted her on the ABC reality series.

"Tenley always plays the victim, like a broken record," says Natividad, who notes that she withheld sex from him too. "It’s pathetic, and she’s pathetic.”

Jake already has Tenley's father's blessing, but should he beware? If The Bachelor spoilers we've read are to be believed, something may turn him off ...

But who do you think Jake should pick on The Bachelor finale?


Tenily seems like a sweetheart her ex husband who ever he is can take a long walk of a short peer.


Ryan's a perverted, possessive, self-righteous jerk. So what if she withholds sex? You don't own her, she is not your property, she can do whatever the hell she wants with her body. You talk like a wrinkly old man who likes to exploit and take advantage of younger woman. As if being prude is a bad thing, you clearly are just a self-absorbed prick.


Tenley maybe whenever you decide to get over yourself you will have a relationship that will work. How you talk and word things is amazing? You talk about Jake he made his decision and now he has to live with it and I'm glad I'm not the girl he proposed to when he said I love you. You d@minute well know that you would have said yes if you were in the other shoes. Who are you fooling? I'm glad he made the RIGHT decision. You are a stuck up piece os sh!t!!! You should continue to starve yourself and your horse face.girls like you are a disgrace.


Whoever ? Is you can articulate yourslef very well. You must be one of Tenley's friends. Ummmm just some info he did get her that jib she has now and bought her the house she lives in. So for her having aspirations on becoming someone you must all live to be something your not. Good luck with that. She's a piece of work and apprentely a lot of people see that and saw that. Maybe its time to cut your loses admit your fault and grow up.


SHUTTHEFUCKUP , "ryan" your a fucking gaay ass , i bet your just making tenley look bad ? honestly stop running your mouth . so just do everyone a favour and shutthefuckup kthanks


Jake I was surprised of your choice ha ha ha blonde girl auchhhh seem out of your place Jake don't you see that


Now Jake is going to be on Dancing with the Stars..hope he falls on his face.Both Vienna and Tenley have ex husbands! Ali was too much woman for him!


This Jake guy is a very bad judge of character. These are two of the worst women on the show!!! Gia would have been a better choice or Ali but these two gals... yuck. I'm with the crowd...get a clue guy and run for the hills.


well that was pretty intresting.
im not sure but he may be right .. after all he knows her better than jake does cause he doesnt hang out with her as much as the ex did cause he was still dating 10 girls at the time so im sure she will just deny this and im sure Jake will not Belive it because she is just soo sweet to him on the show.


RUN JAKE!!If what Tinleys ex says is true, why would you want to be part of that. And america knows you don't belong with the spoiled blonde....hope you listen! RUN! RUN!RUN!!!!

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