Didi Benami: American Idol Hopeful, Heart-Breaker

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Darn you, American Idol!

We work so hard to remain numb during the early audition episodes of this show, as Fox aims to tug at heart strings more than impress viewers with actual vocal talent.

While the singers and their skills will be on full display next week in Hollywood, these editions of the competition are typically reserved for joke acts (see Platt, Larry) and emotional backstories that leave us rolling our eyes like Katy Perry.

But Didi Benami broke down our cynical exteriors last night.

During her audition, the Los Angeles native burst out in tears at the memory of a friend that passed away four years ago. When asked by Kara if she wanted this badly, the beautiful blonde simply lost it.

Fortunately, Didi could also carry a major tune. She impressed judges with a rendition of "Hey Jude" and received unanimous approval for Hollywood. She's also rumored to be a semifinalist.

Benami plays the guitar and attended Belmont University. The Hebrew definition of her real first name (Vered) means "rose."

Watch Didi's audition below and chime in: Were you moved by this singer's performance and her backstory?


Come on, DIDI! We here lots of fans suporting you in China! You are the American Idol!


I really like her :)! and i think she should win American idol.. 'cause she is the strongest singer so far


hi vered "ROSE", Im asra from philippines. i just wanna say that your good1


.'VERED is very good when she's performing on stage..!
im very touch to her story about her and BECKA ....
.; KEEP IT UP Girl you can do it ! i know your good!!


I am Rebecca's aunt- and she was a very amazing person indeed- and Didi is just as genuine as she appears. We love Didi!!!


I wish I could tell her what song to sing because it was all wrong for her. She needs some billy holliday, erica badu, or some amy winehouse up beat and should could rock it!!!!


Didi was good with terrified.
She was authentic and real.
She tried to hard this week to get a certain style, and that is where she lost her uniqueness.
Love the "feel good" vibe though...I got frustrated from her song choices and performances she became from wow to ok but still like her a lot.
she should definitelly sing: Chantal kreviazuk-In this life
It would put her back on her feets real fast with her guitar.
Go Didi!


Didi is so genuine and sooooooo rediculously hot....YUM


I personally thought she was freaking AWESOME on the show.. I love that song and just loved the way she sung it.. WOW.. Plus she is sooo HOT lol.. Anyway WOW Great Job...


Greetings from Finland and keep on rocking! you sound like a thousand songbirds singing a piece composed by God ^^

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