British Politician Rats Out Robsten

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We've seen supermarket tabloids claim Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were an item.

We've heard from Twilight Saga co-stars that have hinted there's a romance between this pair.

Pretty Co-Stars

Earlier this week, Robert himself said he and Kristen were "together." But this is a first:

A British politician has ratted out the pair! Council member Nicolas Clark was in London pub Tuesday when he spotted Pattinson and Stewart getting cozy together. Then, the guy actually Tweeted about it:

"In The Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart," he wrote, later adding: "From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips. R+K were acting like a couple."

Is this really what we've come to? Politicians are using Twitter to publicize private moments between movie stars?!?

We're not sure how parliamentary procedure works, but can the citizens of England impeach this moron?

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Dude...this guy does not have a gay bone in his body; I am not sure about her. Rob just get nervous during interviews and says whatever stupid comments come to him; which turns up to be funny. He probably gets more vaginal than he knows what to do with it. But hey....I'm not gay....and if I had to take pictures with naked guys...I will uncomfortable. Who does it? Maybe he's a gentleman and thinks of his sisters and mother. Now...the body language is not from two close friends or buddies just hanging. They are together; you could see that they are a couple. If I was deny a romance all the time, I wouldn't show to the premiere even if he's my friend. I honestly think that both of them are ready to come clean with the world but something or someone is keeping them from doing so. Also..I don't know why...but I think that Kristen is holding Rob by his B@LLS. Did anyone see the video he's saying sorry to her? You go Kristen...Payback for Bella.


totally agree with EM and secretly afraid that what Caring Kate assumed would be true, but i do hope they are together, they seem so right for each other....


omg robs drivin me crazy.there has to be somthing going on between kristen stewert and rob


i never been an avid fan, until I've seen robert. who ever he loves Im on to it...


i hope that is true, because they do have great chemistery!!!


I hope they are together because they have great chemistry and as everyone else says, the body language says it all.
My assumptions are (1) the press and the fans make it crazy for them to show up together. (2) Summit's worry is that if they come out as a couple and for some reason break-up before all the movies are finished, that it might put a damper on the allure of the on-screen romance between Edward and Bella. I think Summit is trying to keep the magic alive til all movies are out. Alot of hype about a break-up would be all over everything and everywhere taking some of the spotlight off the final movies.


haha, this makes me laugh :)


They are so obviously more than "just friends" or "good buddies" as Kristen called it.It's true,body language doesn't lie.Until they come out and say one way or the other,all the speculation will continue and people will not leave it alone.That's just how it is,it's human nature.Don't blame the photographers,they're just doing their jobs.Don't blame the fans,they're just naturally curious.Don't blame some random guy in a pub,he's just been caught up in the hype.Don't tell me if you saw them in your home town,all cozied up and kissing,you wouldn't whip out your cellphone and take pictures if you could and text all your friends that OMG I just saw Robsten kissing!You all would and you know it.What Rob and Kristen and their agents and reps don't realize is,if they would just officially announce whatever,it would all die down.It will anyway eventually,once Breaking Dawn is all done too.There will be some other celeb couple on the menu soon enough.


Body language talks, platonic friendship isn't so close physically as that they have. Neither they admit they are together, it doesn't matter, they want to leave the assumption to the people... Did you all know that Kirsten Mom is so proud of Rob? She was even seen arranging Rob's tossled hair in place -caught by the papz in youtube... How many times have she been in London officially and unofficial? They do arrange their schedules to be together.


omg why cant they just give them some spac see ppl these days they get on m nerves sumhin offi