Vienna Girardi: Dating Boyfriend Back Home While on The Bachelor?

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As if this season of The Bachelor couldn't get any more scandalous, sources say Vienna Girardi has been dating a guy on and off for years - including while on the show!

How much blatantly manufactured drama can Jake Pavelka endure?

First, there was Rozlyn Papa and her “inappropriate relationship” with producer Ryan Callahan. Now it's Vienna Girardi whose dalliances are being called into question.

Here she is with the alleged beefcake ...

Vienna Girardi, Boyfriend

Is this The Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi's boyfriend?

Anonymous sources tell THG that the hunk in the photos is from Vienna’s hometown of Sanford, Florida and that Vienna pulled an Ed Swiderski, telling her boyfriend “she was going to the bachelor so she can be on TV and to wait for her.”

A source also claims Vienna and he were together the night before she left to be on The Bachelor! If true, she's operating straight out of Ed's playbook!

This must be taken with a grain boulder of salt, however.

Other reports say this relationship lasted from 2008-2009 but is now over, and that the boyfriend (whose name we have withheld) is not in the picture.

Perhaps more significantly, we don't trust any Bachelor news. This, very likely, is part of a coordinated effort to sour public opinion on Vienna Girardi.

A narrative was seeded last week in which the girls begin to despise Vienna for unknown reasons. We believe this is to make us "shocked" when that "b!tch" receives the final rose in the season finale instead of sweet Tenley Molzahn.

Think we're talking out of our a$$? Our Bachelor spoilers are rarely wrong. This show makes up drama because 90 percent of viewers fall for it every time.

The other 10 percent? We are totally on to Mike Fleiss, Chris Harrison & Co. and their conspiracies, but we still watch anyway, so it's a win-win for them.


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Wow its amazing how people get so personal when making comments about people who none of us really know at all. It's almost really really funny how people get so passionate they start cussing complete strangers out! Just one question....does it even really matter? Seriously? Who cares! No it's not right that Vienna's name is getting run through the dirt...but she did put herself out their nationally to be exploited. But the longer we keep talking about it the more money she makes....I say we bash each other and see if someone will pay us! LOL! Whose on board?


WOW! She is sooo ugly!! I hope she cheats on him and proves everyone right. Sorry Jakey but you made a mistake!!


Well if Vienna was next to me I would tell it to her face, I am not afraid of that bitch. You must be a lesbian since you like her so much, why don't you go down to the swamp and look her up! Besides she really hasn't done very nice things so why doesn't she deserve a little bashing after all she is asking for it by being on national television.


obviously you are fucked up, fat and ugly otherwise you wouldnt be standing up for her. you are both WHORES that work on the same strip every night. Just to let you know you might want to test yourself for STD's SKANK WHORE


I think that before all of you go bashing her and her family you should realize that she is a real person, and has never done anythig to anyone of you, but all these hurtful things that you ar saying about her and her family is just wrong and I am sure it is really affecting their lives. How would you feel is someone was going around slandering your family like that? And you are all on here talking about her, that makes you worse than her cause she would say it to your face!


Vienna is one immature little annoying brat. Who does she think she is? She is ugly and trailer trash, what do these guys see in her? She must be pretty easy, what a whore. She should go back to Florida and live in the swamp with her creepy dad.


I heard a rumor from an accurate source that she is prego, who is the daddy? Jake or her own Dad!?!


Why are all these guys wasting their time fighting over Vienna when it is obvious that she is in love with her father. During her hometown date she was a little too close and too in love with her father. How creepy was it when he walked into her room, he was probably trying to catch a peek of those fake boobs that she drained her ex's account to buy!!


Why do all these guys keep fighting over Vienna when it is obvious that she is in love with her father. During the home town dates I think she was a little too close with her dad and the hugs were a little too close and too long. I think she should move back to the swamp and hook up with her dad, maybe she will make more little cross eyed babies!

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