Robert Pattinson, Others Sign On for Haiti Telethon

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As if we needed another reason to love Robert Pattinson.

The Twilight Saga star will join a number of other celebrities this Friday as part of Hope for Haiti, the George Clooney-hosted telethon that will air across all major networks and focus on earthquake relief in that troubled nation.

Reports indicate that Robert will be the sole presenter in London, likely introducing performances by Jay-Z and Bono.

Popular Pattinson

Artists performing during the live, two-hour event will include Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Bruce Springsteen.

Meanwhile, other A-listers scheuled to present and/or work the phone lines will be: Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Anna Kendrick, Sandra Bullock, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Renée Zellweger, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Colin Farrell and Jon Hamm.

Stars such as Sanda Bullock, Gisele Bundchen and Brangelina have already donated at least $1 million each to the cause.

Note to THG readers: stay in Friday night. Save money on drinks at the bar and donate to the victims of this earthquake.

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Hellion, maybe you should go to wikipedia and search for the donations givien to the US for Katrina. We help the Jews in Israel the French and the British. We also let the illegal criminals from Cuba to invade our country. When the Haitians came on make shift boats they were not allowed to touch American soil. They were turned back and some were put in custody and deported. Once again. we are picking who is the better culture? Sound familiar?


wow, i am really proud and impress for once with hollywood!


for_real-tho For example Sweden (in Europe) has donated more then 18 million dollars, even though it's a little country with only 9 million people.
It's way more per person then USA, who has given 100 million dollars. (according to UN statist.)
You have to think in porpotion to the size of the country. But if celebs want to ship in thats just amazing, whatever country it's in. Dont u think? My point is: you just don't hear about it in the states...


Can anyone confirm if he will be answering calls?


what about the rest of the world???? why can't everyone else, like the ones that bitch about how involved we are in everything, lead the march when it comes to aid for 3rd world nations in need and distress....just once!!


I don't want to sound like a dick but isn't our tax money already going there? The place was a crime ridden dump before the earthquake and now they are getting more donations than New Orleans received. A flood ruined my home 3 years ago and all I got was higher taxes.