Nadya (Octomom) Suleman: Would You Hit it?

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A red-hot bikini photo of Nadya Suleman adorns the cover of Star magazine, which claims the mother of 14 had no plastic surgery to get her body back in shape.

No, rather than going Heidi Montag, Octomom just works out like a madwoman at taxpayers' expense at the gym, while taxpayer-funded nannies watch her brood.

Commentary aside, she sure has lost a lot of weight since welcoming her octuplets last year. We'd almost, well ... would you go there? Vote in our poll below ...

Octomom Bikini Pic

Octomom: Would you hit it?


Shes a freaking liar! There is no way you can have your stomach stretched out carrying 8 babies and not need a tummy tuck afterwards. I hope she is exposed for the piece of lying dog shit she really is!


"no plastic surgery" LOL - who's she kidding?


Only if I was behind the wheel of a winnebago with peeling paint and she was crossing the street.

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