Kim Kardashian Kind of Kalls Out Jersey Shore's Snooki

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Passive aggressiveness, Kim Kardashian is thy name.

In a recent blog entry, the reality star appears to be giving props to another talentless individual within the genre - but it's easy to see the cattiness behind a post titled "Snooki Gets Her Kim On."

Snooki, of course, refers to Nicole Polizzi from MTV's latest bane on society series Jersey Shore. On her website, Kim points out that "Life & Style gave Snooki a Kim Kardashian makeover... they used the Antik Batik dress I wore to [a] party as inspiration."

Kim vs. Snooki

Kardashian adds that Snooki is her favorite Jersey Shore character and "this deserves a fist pump!!!!!!!"

But who is Kim kidding? We all can see through her supposedly kind words and we all know exactly what Kim actually wants to do with her fist to anyone that copies her style. Ding! Ding!

Meanwhile, you tell us: Who looks better in this dress?


It would be an honor to be associated with either of these women don't you think.


as for the comment calling kim kardashian fat, your a little fucked in the head and your probably the fat one sitting on your computer wishing you could look like that. get over yourself


UGH^^ seriously?? shut the fuck up.... if it wasn't for snooki jersey shore would be boring. and kim kardashian is NOT fat at all.... so get your facts straight. kthaanks.


Kim is one of the rest, Snooki is the ultimate slut! Snooki rules!!!


she is a whore ans ugley


The only thing this "makeover" shows is that Snooki And Kim Kardashian are equally fat, equally dumb and have equally horrible style. And, of course, they have no personality. They're good for nothing, really.

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