Jimmy Kimmel Is On Team Conan

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While Conan O'Brien fans continues to express outrage and disbelief over the way the The Tonight Show host has been treated, Jimmy Kimmel is making his allegiance clear.

The comedian parodied the ridiculous mess of a late-night situation NBC has dug itself into by dressing up as Jay Leno last night and taking a few shots at his rival joke teller.

Kimmel, whose Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on ABC, joked that Leno was taking over everyone's program. Check out the clip below and then respond: Was this over the line?

After all, it's not Jay's fault that NBC is operated by people dumber than Paris Hilton. It's unclear what the network was ever thinking when it put Leno on primetime; nor are the reasons for his move back to 11:35 p.m. crystal clear right now.

What is clear: O'Brien is a funny, classy individual that won't be a part of the NBC family for much longer. We wish him the best of luck in all future endeavors.

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Imagine being told that in 5 years, someone will be taking over your job, even though you are doing very well in the ratings. You've worked hard, made the network a lot of money, but you can't go out on your own terms. At the end of 5 years, the network panics; you're doing far better than expected; in fact you're the late night leader in ratings. They give you a 10 o'clock show, just to keep you, realizing their mistake. Interestingly, your viewership pulls in the same numbers at TTS when you were hosting, but not enough to charge big advertising rates leading up to the nightly news. You get your old job back; the one you didn't want to give up in the first place. Things have a way of coming around....People shouldn't look at Leno as an evil-doer; talk to the execs at NBC for creating the mess in the first place.


Gotta love Leno and his popsicle stick jokes. Pretty sure I've seen jokes Leno has used on Bazooka gum. I can expect jokes that terrible on a piece of gum, but coming from a "respected" commedian? I'm sick of Leno and his terrible jokes that are followed by a terrible musical pun. Leno has been washed up for years. If Leno takes over Conan's time slot, I will be boycotting NBC. NBC only has Conan anyways. Conan is original, humorous, and a brilliant comic. Long Live Conan!


I may be wrong, but didn't Leno initiate this whole thing by announcing six years ago he would be leaving the Tonight Show? That allowed NBC to offer the show to Conan, a LONG time ago.


The age of ratings is over. DVRs and online streaming have rendered the ratings discussion irrelevant. Jay Leno is a vestige of the boomer era and, as such, should go quietly into retirement. He's just not funny and should go tinker with his cars.


If Leno was so great and funny, his primetime show wouldn't have gotten canceled. Maybe because people were actually awake to realize how bland Leno's act is? Anyone who can't see past the surface of Conan's "sophomoric" humor really can't appreciate good comedy. Carson was forced out of the Tonight Show by Leno yet Carson bowed out graciously. Jay needs to realize that much like his outdated brand of humor, his time is over and he should bow out as well.


If Jay Leno had any backbone he would walk away and let Conan do his job, instead of being greedy and self absorbed and pissing on every late night host. He didn't deserve the job the first time around, when NBC crapped on Letterman


Both Leno and nielsen ratings are for dinosaurs.


I was stunned when Jay Leno was moved from his spot and replaced with Conan. Jay is the one who should have screamed bloody murder when it is obvious to everyone that he is the more entertaining of the two. Conan got a lot of nerve. He belongs on LATE late night, when there is nothing else on LOL


TMZ is now reporting that Conan was never guaranteed the 11:30 time slot, only that he would host the Tonight Show. So he might be breaching his contract if he refuses to do the show if it airs later. There's also a comment by TMZ attributed to an NBC exec that Conan wasn't cooperative with NBC requests.


"After all, it's not Jay's fault that NBC is operated by people dumber than Paris Hilton." Perhaps. But it doesn't change that it IS Leno's fault that he didn't say "Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to be a part of something like this -- again. This [to quote Conan] ' will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting.' It will also be unfair to Conan and to Fallon." Leno wouldn't know the meaning of "doing the right thing" if it was tattooed on his chin. No wonder all his late-night colleagues have turned against him.