Heidi Montag Compares Album to Thriller

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Heidi Montag either has an extremely high opinion of herself, or goes home and laughs with Spencer Pratt about all the absurd stuff they say in interviews for fun.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, she claimed her debut album is as good as Michael Jackson's Thriller. As in the single best selling album ever.

A portion of the magazine's Q&A with Heidi Montag is below ...

Q: Why did it take three years to put this album together?

Heidi Montag: Well, I did it independently. If you look back throughout history it used to take that long to put albums together. Now it’s more manufactured.

I really wanted to take my time, and every song means so much to me. Every song was a true journey. I had to track down the songs myself, because it was just Spencer and I doing it independently. We really took our time with every process.

I wanted it to be back to the Thriller days, to that kind of sound. It’s timeless music, so whenever it comes out was the right timing. [trying to stifle laughter]

Signing Autograph

Heidi pretends to sign an autograph. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Q: Do you think Superficial holds up against something like Thriller?

Heidi Montag: I definitely do. I think people might not see it now, because it’s my first album coming out. But I’ve spent as much time – maybe more – than Thriller.

Most artists, it’s not their own money, but I’ve actually gone broke putting every dollar I’ve ever made into this music. [because no record label would sign you]

I have a different appreciation, and a different love of my music than any other artist. Because this is my money. This is my gamble. This is my chance.

Q: You’ve gone broke?

Heidi Montag: Yes. I definitely am. I am. I put every dollar I have into this.

Q: What happens if you don’t earn your money back? [you won't]

Heidi Montag: Go back to selling topless pics to magazines every week. That’s not even a possibility. The songs will make an impact in pop history.

We'd say they already have, based on these poll results.

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I can't believe she just freaking compared herself to THE KING OF POP!!!!!!! Like WTF?!?!?! She needs to sit her ugly a$$, no talent a$$, delusional a$$ down!!! She shouldn't of even sold one copy!! Damn!


This is actually very sad. It's easy to laugh at someone that doesn't have a lick of sense. She doesn't know anything about music. She grew-up a privileged, upper-class child and never truly worked a day in her life. She doesn't understand that you have to have talent to excel at anything. She, like most privileged people believe you can get what you want just by wanting it. The real world doesn't work that way, honey.


There's only one word that can describe this sad example of a woman: DELUSIONAL.
Poor Heidi, now that she's broke she can't afford the psychiatric treatment she so desperately needs.


lmfao - she has her head up her arse!!! i dont think i can find the words to describe how i feel about her, her music, or her plastic surgeries....its just beyond me. She needs to be told she is really making an idiot of herself in what she does and says.. im still laughing and shaking my head at her song.... PS. More people have voted against her song than have actually bought or downloaded it!!! lol...


Heidi, you are comparing yourself to the wrong Jackson....Plastic surgery, posing nude, just being a jackass, you are more like Latoya..All the surgery in the world is not going to help the one thing you lack....Sweetie....YOU HAVE NO TALENT...You and Spencer did this album yourselves....Is it because record companies recognize the fact the YOU HAVE NO TALENT...


Yooo WTF... Heidi comparing herself to Micheal...
Give me a break... She's more like a nat at a Bar-B-Q
just annoying the f* ck outta you... Get outta here with your
weak a*s music ... U n spencer both suck!!!


hahhaha lost and crazy woman! yuck!


Seems like she is claiming to be a genius musician like Michael Jackson. Give me a break.


But Heidi has the same HANDS as MJ! What can it mean?


First thing, I have never even heard of this woman. All I see is a PLASTIC wannabe superstar. Think about it: Plastic surgeries-> 60% of celebs, Boasting of being super-totally-never-be-beaten-amazing-everybody-will-love-me attitude .... right.