First Listen: Heidi Montag's "I'll Do It"

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The Hills star and aspiring singer Heidi Montag has kicked off the release of her long-awaited debut album, Superficial, with a new single entitled "I'll Do It."

You don't even wanna know what it is. The opening lines:

"Pick me, take me, off up into ya dungin. I brought some treats. I know that you gon love em. Come eat my panties off of me. Do whatever comes naturally."

Try to hurl away from the computer.

If you're sure you're up for it, listen below and tell us how you feel about Heidi Montag's latest musical creation, "I'll Do It," by voting in the survey below ...

What do you think of Heidi's Montag new single?


what i find absolutely ridiculous is that heidi montag proclaims to believe in God. but does she really live the life of someone that would believe in God? Just the lyrics in this song go completely against what God wants life to be. What she is doing to her body is a slap in God's face because he created her and thought she was beautiful and she doesnt look the same at all after all of her surgeries. it is absolutely ridiculous and i cant stand her.




Poor Heidi..she did take a risk and put herself out there and for that she is to be applauded. But seriously, her music is as flat and plastic as she is. I hope she has a plan B for her sake. Wish her the best of luck with it.


I can't be the only one that is soooo f-ing tired of autotune. People of the dance/hiphop/r&b music industry, STOP IT. I'm begging you.


she spent nearly 2 million on auto tune and a polyphonic ringtone?


What's the difference between her music and Britney's, or all the other sluts like Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary DUff... (sorry it's true)... she's just another one, all their voices and music sound the same. It only makes her look more stupid...


She almost died doing this to herself, she admitted feeling plastic, what is wrong with this girl? She can't even chew, move her face, or sit on her fake butt....i guess she really hates herself, and I predict another Anna Nicole Smith, unless she ends up like Joan Rivers, or Catwoman. This is so sad....


I feel really bad for her, she is looking for something she can not find. What real artist compares themselves to other people, normally it is the opposite. Her face looks like the material of a Barbie doll and that is no compliment. Why did she get fat removed when there was none in the first place.
True artists do not slice their bodies up other than Michael Jackson & that was other issues.


I give her a lot of credit for taking a risk. I think it's admirable, because most people don't have the courage to put themselves out there. Well done Heidi, ignore the haters.


What a no-talent. It sounds like a generic disco song from the late 70's.


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