Alicia Keys: Engaged to Swizz Beatz?

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Rumors on the Internets suggest that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are secretly engaged. Anyone believe that gossip? Anyone hear of Swizz Beatz before?

Well, he's dating Alicia Keys, and the singer apparently had a lot to smile about on her 29th birthday January 25 when he got her an engagement ring.

That's what the rumor is, anyway.

Swizz Beatz, a 31-year-old producer who is still married to (and currently divorcing) his wife Mashonda, supposedly proposed with a 7-carat sparkler.

Either he or the made-up source has good taste!

Are Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz getting married?

The happy couple were photographed strolling on a Hawaii beach the day of the alleged proposal, January 24. Keys' rep denies she is engaged, but ...

Another friend of Alicia's reveals to Us that the couple is "currently in Hawaii celebrating the engagement and her birthday. She feels blessed."

Adds the pal: "She is so thrilled. She is with the man who has inspired so much of her music and her new album [The Element of Freedom]."

Engaged nor not, Swizz Beatz is equally smitten with Keys. "What we have is so precious," he gushed to the New York Daily News last year.

Congratulations, possibly!


You're right no one knows what has taken place in SB's marriage, but why put yourself in the position of getting hurt by messing around with someone's else's husband. You might luck out and get him for yourself but what about the drama that comes with it? It isn't worth it to me. There are single men out there. Come on Alicia!


Alicia I LOVE YOU!!<
Do youre thing i am proud of you let people talk shit it doesnt matther You are a strong womman en you know what you are doing.
So be happy with youre man Swizz i hope youre pregnant (L) u xXx Bonita


stopdishing bad luck at ma girl!! she is smart, she knows what she is putting herself into! beside she knows what she deserves and rough way to get it!! if its right or wrong isn't our buznes to judge.xx


honestly, we will never know the truth on whether Alicia broke up Mashonda and Swizz's marriage.. and as he says , no ONE person can be the reason for a divorce, they've been having issues for years... so stop dogging alicia keys. If she's in Love, Im happy for her. And whatever happens between them, is THEIR business... you cant believe everything the tabloids put out anyways


alica key you are a big example for young female / u
did this hole shit & took this lady husband that this ghetto hold shit karma is a motherfuck


What goes around comes around!!! Alicia is such a dumbass!


Wow. Let me find out Alicia Keys done snaked somebody's husband. Ooooooooouch! But as the tale goes, you gotta watch what you snake -- they turn around and bite you and when you ask them why, they'll tell you it's what snakes do. Anyways as it applies to Ms. Keys circumstances, you done snaked somebody else's husband, be careful mama, cuz somebody'll snake him from you.


How true of Chrissy - if Alecia is engaged, neither she nor SB can announce it since he is still married. Not wise for either to say anything until the divorce is final. But why even date someone who is still married unless you wanted a relationship but no strings attached. No class.


Guess what? You can't be engaged to a married man even if you are a celebrity.


yea really hes very big oops for who ever hasnt heard of him i also think its great if they are engaged and wish people would be stay out of celebertys bussiness

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