Alex Lambert: American Idol Hopeful

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Might the name Lambert get lucky two years in a row on American Idol?

As fans know, Adam Lambert made it all the way to the final two on season eight of the country's most-watched program.

Now, an upstart named Alex Lambert is hoping to follow in that singer's talented footsteps.

According to various sources, Alex has earned a spot in the show's top 24. Not much is known about this Texas native, except that he loves to wear goofy glasses and strum the guitar.

To wit, check out the singer's rendition of the Jason Mraz classic "I'm Yours."

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jace said hi alex


Alex was my favorite from this season, and he should have been in the top 12. He had a real shot at the top 5 or better. He has so much talent and a unique voice. I stopped watching Idol after his elimination, since I don't care enough about the other contestants. I would buy any music Alex makes in the future!


I love your voice Alex Lambert ! I love you when you were singing my favourite song! I'm really sad you were home. You must go back to American Idol !!


Alex Lambert...never mind your name, U have the sound and really amazing honesty in your performance. I like all the songs you did, but none was as intimate and soulful as your version of "Trouble". I am sure you will be signed on by a record label for sure. American Idol is silly...its just a preview to some talent. Its a great thing that real talent is an overcome of silly popularity. Adam has had greater success than Chris...I am pretty sure if you pick you songs and do some songwriting... U will be bigger than both! At least.
A Fan and a music lover.


america voted soooooooo wrong I still dont believe it alex was and is unique he must come back please sign it all of you!!!!


There's no purpose in comparing Alex Lambert and Adam Lambert. Other than coincidentally having the same last name, they have absolutely /nothing/ to do with each other.


Alex should be allowed to come back, they had thirteen idols last season with Anook. Alex is way better than he was! I was counting on a crystal and alex in the finals!


Alex Lambert should be brought back! I called for over an hour and was able to get through once! Votes are NOT accurate! People... keep talking about this! Alex Lambert never should have gone home. We know it and the judges know it! The voting system should be changed! America votes bottom two and the judges make the final decision. The way it is now is not accurate or fair. Alex... I will buy your music!!! You are amazing. You remind of a young John Lennon with a new James Morrison voice. Awesome!


OMG...who got that wrong? Alex Lambert has something special and he should not have gotten the boot. I hope to heck Idol has a WILD CARD coming up. ALEX...hang in there buddy!!!


I'm utterly shocked at yesturdays turnout. I mean, Alex had a huge fanbase and an amazing voice that should have gotten him very far in the competition. I mean, if him leaving American Idol means that he'll make a better career as a singer in the future, than I'm all for it but I think that he should have been in top 12 at least. He deserved to be there more than alot of the other contestants. I hope his spirits arn't to crushed and I hope he continues singing because I will follow his career!
Good luck in the future Alex! I wanted to see you grow on American Idol but I guess that this won't happen. WILDCARD!!:P lmaoo i wish i truly wish. I've never watched American Idol before and the major decision that let me start watching it is that you were there and I actually liked your voice and your style ; it's cool and different. You truly are an individual and unique!

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