Tiger Woods Nude in Playgirl: Possibly Coming Soon!

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Could perennial Sports Illustrated cover mainstay Tiger Woods grace the pages of an entirely different magazine in the coming weeks - and in the buff?

If Playgirl can authenticate alleged nude pics of him, then yes.

This is far from a done deal. We'd even call it far fetched. But after what's gone down in the last two weeks, we also wouldn't be altogether shocked.

Following a report that explicit Tiger Woods pictures are being considered for publication by the magazine, a rep for the magazine cleared the air:

"We're in the process of authenticating photos," said Daniel Nardico of Playgirl, which just made a big splash last month with Levi Johnston nude.

Given the hype the magazine received regarding Levi, one can only imagine what the acquisition of naked Tiger Woods pics would do.

Tiger Woods may soon be showing us an entirely different shaft.

"We have to see if they're real," he added. "You can take photos of anyone but what would it even be worth without a way to truly identify him?"

"Our attorneys are looking into the possible monetary worth."

Perez Hilton also reported today that another of Tiger Woods' mistresses reached out to Playgirl with alleged cell phone shots of the golfer's wood.

So to speak.

Nardico said the woman offering up the photos is "another [mistress] that is going to come out. She's not out yet. I don't have any [more] info."

We suspect if the Tiger Woods nude pics are real and actually get published, Elin Woods moves out on him that very second if she hasn't already.


you are a self made sporting icon many luv u & will stand by u.
dump your broad she hitched on to u for better or worse,she does not wan't to leave u coz she came from abroken home but it is better fr u & the kids to seperate than stay and be supresed, nagged,bitter,unhappy so go and screw &fuck u lucky dog while ur young virile and rich.atleast u'll have good memories.dear tiger most of your critics envy you--Be your own man noguilt no regrets


In all this "Tiger" commotion, has anyone in the golfing world, etc., imagined that this wild (I am assuming!) SEX - that the Tiger has supposedly been getting - might be JUST what MADE him such a GREAT golfer!!!! Rita


I hope that males like Woods/Jeter etc.... have learned something from this. Oneday in the Future they will be glad to leave that "TRASH" alone.


"We're in the process of authenticating photos" How are they gonna so this? are they gonna call Tiger in to drop trou so they can compare?


The reason why all the only women are coming out because they like to be paid as the other lady. I was told that he stated taht black women are loud and he would not go out with one of the african american women...............for that reason along and now i wonder what he got to say now.................look who coming out and loud with it...........so tigar what you think now


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