THG Investigates: Who is Simon Monjack?

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When Brittany Murphy married Simon Monjack in May 2007, few had heard of the guy, and those who had generally didn't have very positive things to say.

They seemed happy throughout their low-profile marriage. But in the aftermath of Murphy's shocking death Sunday, Simon Monjack is back in the spotlight.

Who is this guy? He's often referred to as a screenwriter, but his IMDB page lists just two films: Factory Girl and the U.K. indie drama Two Days, Nine Lives.

Part of the reason Brittany's fans were suspicious of her out-of-nowhere marriage to the Brit was his shady background of financial issues and evictions.

Simon Monjack was booted from four separate apartments from 1996-2007.

In 2006, he was sued by mortgage and banking company Coutts and Co. for $470,132, which he finished paying off in 2008 ... after marrying Murphy. 

His checkered past shows warrants for his arrest in Virginia for credit card theft and fraud, an unpaid $6,087 legal bill, and a $502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm. He also allegedly faced deportation ... in early 2007.

Brittany Murphy with mysterious husband Simon Monjack.

We'll be honest, we had never heard of Simon Monjack until he married Murphy. But as soon as he did, THG's articles were flooded with comments decrying him as a thief, a con-man (nicknamed Con-Jack) and a pathological liar.

Our reader comments can't be corroborated, of course, but let's just say that few random guys trigger such wrath, especially with this breadth of detail.

It definitely makes you think.

Monjack and Murphy were engaged in late 2006, just months after she ended her engagement to Little Black Book production assistant Joe Macaluso.

Despite the uproar over their marriage, things were pretty quiet until late last month, when Murphy was fired from upcoming thriller flick The Caller.

While her rep deniedit, there was speculation the actress was fired for being difficult - and that Monjack was stirring up trouble behind the scenes.

Whatever the reason, Monjack and Murphy boarded a plane from Puerto Rico to L.A., where upon landing, Monjack was "incoherent" and hospitalized.

All of this may be totally unrelated to Murphy's death from cardiac arrest early yesterday, but the couple's history of strange behavior is noteworthy.

No foul play is suspected, at least not yet. We'll have more on Brittany's death - and Simon Monjack - when more information is available.


I've followed a few of the BM stories and there seems to be a theme in the comments, or should I say, a repeat poster with a LOT of detail about Monjack and a lot of hatred for him. Comes across as a crazed ex-partner. Personally I think we should show the lovely BM some respect and leave Monjack alone, she loved him. If anything untoward did happen, it will be revealed.


I would have her husband closely investigated. He could have caused her death. She was too young to die of cardiac arrest. Even though it has happened before. She looked healthy, but high most of the time. God Bless her family regardless of the outcome.


This is very sad. A young guy in our town died from drugs last week - not that Ms. Murphy did...but yet again - what is wrong with Hollywood? The life of a celebrity is not normal. Ms. Murphy may have just died from natural causes - no matter what, the life lived by an A or B list Hollywood person cannot be "good" in any respect - running around on planes, probably not "eating" the best, parties, etc. Lindsay Lohan, DJ AM, Anna Nicole, Brittany Spears, etc have shown the damage it can do. Humans cannot handle it - unless you are an icon like Tom Hanks, or Denzel Washington -people who have a "grasp" on it for some reason. I hope she just died of something abnormal which would be sad and heart breaking -but it would be worse if she died of something caused by her own or someone else's hand. So young - she was a year younger than I. Life is crazy.


To Matobaro: Yeah, that's a stretch. I predict the same thing every other year.


I have a feeling they're going to find arsenic poising. Her symtoms are rather suspicious for that.' HeMonjack seems to be heavily in debt and always working a scam. They should probably look into how much life insurance he had on her. Seriously.


Good friend of mine is a working actress who knew BM socially and says it's well known that BM had been struggling on and off with meth since Clueless, but that she was unusually good at hiding it. Drug addicts usually marry other drug addicts, and that airplane thing sounds very methy, so I suspect that's Monjack's deal, but that is pure speculation.


Wonder if he could have prevented it? Prescription drugs!


l saw the prophecy given by a nigerian, Prophet T.B joshua through EMMANUEL T.V exactly the way he said it ,he saw the death of a young woman - famous all over the world - that she died suddenly of heart failure.


Please, not another drug overdose again.


so basically, he is a very shady character ... which we already knew!

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