Taylor Swift is Really Intriguing, Awesome

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People magazine has recognized Taylor Swift with her second-biggest honor of the week.

First, THG editors named the superstar the seventh most important celebrity of 2009.

Now, the aforementioned publication has placed Swift on the cover of its special year-end issue, dubbing her one of the 25 most fascinating individuals of the past 12 months. Replied Taylor, when asked about her life these days?

"It feels like this ongoing dream."

It's pretty much impossible to dislike Swift, considering she sounds more mature and more grounded the more successful she becomes.

"You can stay the same person, even if everything around you changes," she tells the magazine. "I would like to think everybody out there isn't just waiting for me to trip and fall and stumble out of a club drunk."

Also honored by People in the issue: Kate Gosselin, Sandra Bullock, Jacyee Duggard and Robert Pattinson. It's an eclectic group. But, hey, it's been an eclectic year!


Right on, dude! You have to give people some credit. I mean, do you really think every one of her MILLIONS upon millions of fans are delusional and don't know what real music is? We know what we're hearing. and we like it.


Taylor Swift is overrated like the Beatles or Michael Jackson or Mozart were overrated. Listen to her songs. They are going to be with us for a very long time.


@Emma: I totally agree with you.. She's way overrated.. she has achieved too much too fast.. it can only mean one thing.. "What goes up, must come down"..


i love taylor swift, her music, her songs... she is truly awesome... wishing her all the best in years to come..


Way overrated. Hopefully she goes away next year and I hope when she goes to church she remembers to thank Kanye West for all of this.


There is nothing to hate about this girl but she is way overrated. Musically, I compare her to a young Debbie Gibson. The only reason why she has sold so many albums is that the music industry is so saturated with garbage that people opt to buy her albums instead. If she was in any other generation her music would be one hit wonder at best.


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