Police: Tiger Woods Had "Fat Lip" After Crash

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According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Tiger Woods met with them four days after his November 27 car crash, and the golfer showed signs of a "fat lip."

An FHP spokesman said Tiger met with troopers at an undisclosed location December 1 to receive a traffic ticket for crashing into a hydrant and a tree.

Officers observed only "fat lip" on Tiger's face.

His appearance gave them no reason to believe he was the victim of domestic violence, and the investigation into his fight with Elin Woods was dropped.

This is the only confirmed Tiger sighting since the crash, casting doubt on veteran sportswriter Furman Bisher's recent theory about Tiger's whereabouts.

On his blog, the renowned golf writer detailed what a source says really happened on the night of Woods' infamous car accident outside his Florida home.

He writes that Elin Nordegren drilled him in the mouth with a nine-iron after she found Tiger's Thanksgiving Day text messages to mistress Rachel Uchitel.

According to Bisher's account, Woods was hit so hard that he flew to Arizona to get plastic surgery on his face, explaining his month-long disappearance.

It is possible Woods had surgery after meeting with the FHP, and the "fat lip" could explain why he tried to delay the meeting (to let the swelling die down).

Just the same, while it's likely that Elin went off on the cheater, the FHP meeting casts doubt on the surgery story, as he was supposed to be in Phoenix.

What do you think of the Tiger Woods plastic surgery rumor?


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what makes Kate Gosselin a celebrity? She's simply a mother with no talent, that likes to spend money on herself. Miley, Britney and Taylor have talent and a future.


I think this has gone on for too long now. Celebs lives should be private at some point. I don't think that the average American should really care about much with him, it's his life and this fiasco is between him and his wife. I'ts a sad situation but in reality it doesn't concern us .