PETA Honors Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn, Still Sucks

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We have a shocking development: PETA has made news for a reason other than taking off the clothes of a D-list celebrity!

Has it saved a number of animals? Of course not. This organization doesn't actually care about that mission.

Instead, it's named new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres and Project Runway host Tim Gunn as its Woman and Man of the Year, respectively.

"Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement this week.

New Idol Judge
Tim Gunn

DeGeneres became a vegan in 2008; while Gunn always champions designs that use fake fur, faux reptile prints and other animal-friendly fabrics.

We're just shocked PETA didn't ask either celeb to pose naked. That's the way it typically makes headlines, wasting millions of dollars on Khloe Kardashian nude billboards instead of actually putting that money where the problems lie.

Click on the following photos to check out the random stars that have posed for PETA this year:

Nude for PETA
Cloris Leachman PETA Ad
Jayde Nicole PETA Ad
PETA Lover

PETA cares more about the IDEA of animals than the actual animals themselves. In 2003 PETA euthanized (killed) over 85% of the animals it "rescued" because they couldn't afford to house and feed them. The ASPCA is a more honest, level-headed and effective animal welfare organization. Their subsidiaries across the nation average around a 70% placement rate for the animals it takes in.


I will admit that I am not familiar with any of the particular "facts" that are listed above by others so I can not claim an educated stance but admitted ignorance on this topic. However,the first thing that came to my mind was...perhaps these celebrities on these billboards or ads are perhaps doing them for free for PETA? After all they are animal lovers/owners themselves aren't they? Why are we assuming that they are paying for these celebrities to pose for their causes? Maybe I am just niave but I thought that actors/celebrities etc. do that stuff for tax write offs? Don't know if that's a fact here... if it is then even though I don't like organizations who have alterier motives, PETA may need some slack cut to them in this one regard>


PETA is nothing but a scam and fake front to fund domestic terrorists.
The don't truly save any animals, it's common knowledge that they have a walk in freezer at one of their facilities for the bodies of all the animals they kill.
As for these B grade celebs being spokesmen for PETA. What a crock. They are only doing it for their public image and you can bet that couldn't give a rats arse what happens to most animals.
Wake up people When people think of peta they think of a bunch of wakkos who spread lies and wouldn't know what caring for an animal was if their lives depended on it.


there doin there best 2 try help the animals but its really hard 2 get people 2 listen 2 u. There might not doing the best of work but there doin there best so we should really be leavin them alone so they can do there work instead of puttin them down.
it takes a while 2 get the message big.


the person that made this artical has not done he/she research probilly. "Hollywood Gossip" r mean spirited people that destroys the souls of others. This arctical is really jus bullshit...there tryin 2 help the animals and no one is gonna listen 2 them unless they do this. Everyday animals hibiat r bein destroyed by people that only care bout money. some people try to help these aniamls but there r not many people that do care or r jus too lazy 2 do anythin bout it. humans r really jus detroyin the earth more and more everyday.


Attention grabbing tactics are the point. You can't reach people with your message unless you get their attention. There is a reason why when people think of animal rights they think of PETA. It isn't the only group out there trying to let people know they can save more animals by not eating them than they can by worrying about Vick's dogs, but they certainly are the most well known - and for a reason. Marketing savvy.


This reporter did do their research as I have. PETA is not for animals. They destroy over 90% of the animals they bring in. Costs them to much to care for them until they can find homes. Animal Radical groups such as PETA have no concern for animals only their cause ( no human/animal contact) and bringing in the dollar.


Its called marketing.....PETA is known world else do you get people to care about things that the know nothing about?
For someone who works in the media, it is actually very strange that THG doesn't actually understand marketing.....??


Anyone who ACTUALLY knows anything about PETA's goals and tactics over the past couple decades knows that Ingrid and her ilk are unscrupulous. Want to really help animals? Support HSUS and/or local societies.


That's THG's entire point, Allen. PETA is NOT doing a good job of reducing needless suffering. It's wasting millions each year on utterly pointless, attention-grabbing tactics.

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