Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie: So Not Friends

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Nicole Richie, who just signed a deal for her own show on ABC, once starred on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton. They had a falling out at some point during it.

They have not been friends since.

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Of her new series, Nicole wrote: "The story revolves around a young, modern and professional woman who must balance her business and family relationships."

Snooze. Sure, it sounds like quality television ... but this is Nicole Richie! We want to see her paired with Paris once again! Too bad that isn't gonna happen.

"No," a friend of hers flatly said when the idea was thrown out there by E! Looks like that major bad blood between these two L.A. socialites hasn't faded.

The ol' days: Paris and Nicole while they were still eating.

Still, why would Nicole rule out bringing back her former BFF for a ratings-boosting cameo? Paris can make fun of herself with the best of them, right?

Not to mention the fact that without Paris Hilton, no one would know / care who Nicole Richie is. It's a little puzzling why they do anyway. But hey.

We're not trying to cause trouble, or suggesting that you care. we're just sayin'.


the simple life would be nothing without nicole....she's the funny one annd shes also gorgeous sooo yeah


i think they should buire the hachet like they did before like nicole said the tabloids try 2 turn nothing into somthing
just sort it out and become friends like before thank you xx
isobel bayley ,13


Ok Update your info. They are friends now they have been since season 5 of the simple life. Paris has even talked about nicole's kids and said how much she loves the names

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