Mickey Rourke: Engaged to Elena Kuletskaya?

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Is reformed, rebellious Hollywood hell-raiser Mickey Rourke getting married?

That's the rumor going around, according to the New York Post, which reports that Mickey is making plans to wed Russian beauty Elena Kuletskaya in 2010.

Despite rumors that he was dating Cheyenne Tozzi in September, Rourke and Kuletskaya have supposed been together "for several months" at this point.

Moreover, he popped the question last week, the Post reports.

The star told friends he's planning a Moscow wedding in April.

Elena Kuletskaya: The future Mrs. Mickey Rourke?

"They haven't booked a venue or made any solid plans, but he wants to do it in April and have a traditional Russian wedding ceremony," a friend of his said.

Kuletskaya reportedly dumped Russian pop star Dima Bilan for Rourke, whom she's been tutoring in her language for his role as "Whiplash" in Iron Man 2.

Mickey Rourke has already hit it off with his mother-in-law-to-be: spies saw him giving Elena's mom the star treatment at The Bank at Wonderland in LA.

It will be the third trip to the altar for Rourke, who cleaned up his bad-boy image and revived his career with an Oscar-nominated role in The Wrestler.

He and actress Debra Feuer ended their eight-year marriage in 1989. The actor and second wife Carre Otis wed in 1992 and were together until 1998.


Pooooor Poooooor dima bilan she dumped him becuz of this old goof...Dima is 1000 percent better than him you btch


He should be ashamed of himself. When he was 33 years old she was an infant! Look at him, he looks like a freakin child molester in this pic, no matter how you slice it, his sperm is still old grandpa material, and he should not start reproducing now!


Please Mickey take alook at yourself sure she is a prize on your arm but don't it feel like sleeping with you granddaughter Please.


LOVE Mickey Rourke but what the hell is he thinking???????? This girl is young enough to be his daughter. Does he really think this marriage will last. This girl will get bored with him and if there is a child involved down the road, try to take him for what she can. Its ridiculous. He should try dating a woman a little closer to his age. I watched him shoot "The Pope of Greenwich Village" in my school yard on Houston Street back in the 80s for god's sake. Still ove him though!!


Did you think that sleeping with him might be sleeping with your father. Yuch!!


May God help her. The stupidity of a 24 year old. Can her mom be that stupid also, hopefully this gossip columnist got it wrong.


Men and their "you know what" - it never fails to amaze me how they let that thing run their lives !


who cares....


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