Lady Gaga Goes Down on Stage

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Lady Gaga is a real pro at going down.

Or something. For the second time in her current Monster Ball tour, the supposed hermaphrodite landed flat on her a$$ during a rendition of "Bad Romance."

The spill took place in Vancouver. A video of it appears below. Peep it below, because even if it's your favorite celeb, an on-stage spill is good for a chuckle.

On the plus side, she recovered before she could miss a ra-ra-ah-ah-ahhhh! Also, unlike certain performers, she clearly sings in concert. A novel concept!

Talking to you, Britney Spears, you hack ...


you cant even compare britney and Lady gaga. Britney mimes constantly even at concerts?! who wants to see that? And lady gaga writes her own songs. Lady gaga ftw! :)


all u fags shut up lady ga ga is amazing brittany sucks compared so what if she falls people fall u idiots


Hey "dont neeed to know" you need to get a life honestly your sad and whats this she needs to look normal ..what is normal??? your a bore go get a life! :)


To: dont need to know
She don't do drugs, she's not a hermaphrodite
And maybe she's a litle wierd but that is just being creative.


Gaga is a phenom. Britney's a tired old pop queen.
Hey 'don't need to know', your village called. They're missing their idiot.


lady gaga is a f**k up an needs to lay off drugs for a bit she is a hermaphrodite which f**kin weird she needs to look normal also an needs a life if you like her your a wack job k byee(:


I would rather see Britney than this tranny mess.


Britney is not a "hack" she is an amazing performer and has made millions off her talent while you sit at a computer and pretty much talk shit for what 30,000 a year if your lucky "FREE BRITNEY" ya douch!


Not funny when someone falls on stage, as proven many times over by serious injuries incurred.

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