K-Fed Loses Weight, Retains Girlfriend

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Something strange surfaced on an L.A. golf course late last week:

A respectable-looking Kevin Federline! Well, relatively at least.

The dirtbag ex-husband of Britney Spears has been eating his way through monthly five-figure spousal support checks she writes him with a new, rotund physique this year, packing on 75-100 pounds (no joke) in the last 12 months.

But the aspiring rapper has gotten his act together and shed 50 pounds as a contestant on the next season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, airing in January.

Here's the new, improved K-Fed with girlfriend Victoria Prince:

K-Fed and Victoria Prince Photo

K-Fed and V-Prince hit the links. As in the golf course. Fortunately for her, and the rest of us, he cut back on the sausage links. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Shar Jackson, Federline's ex-girlfriend, the mother of two of his kids and his fellow Fit Club contestant, said of Kev: "I think everybody will be very, very shocked to see the final results," after he survived a "very painful" boot camp.

Check out some pictures of fat-ass K-Fed to see how far he's come:

K-Fed and V-Prince

I think that many of you out tjere are judgmental... N beleive all the gossip and miss what truth that isnt put out there leave poor Kevin alone at least hes a good daddy..... Woman do it all the time marry a man to get on top.. Or for money purposes n all of a sudden when lil ole Kevin does it its a huge sin WOW ,OME ONE PEOPLE!!!!!


I don't care what people say bout you. I think you are so cute & really great dancer ! :))) Keep up the Good work..


He also gets child support from Shar Jackson the loser. Victoria Prince is a former vollyball player who should leave him while she can.


I cannot believe some1 is actually dating him. OMG!!!! this girl is so stupid. I mean he left his pregnant girlfriend for Briney Spear, and they married her to get ahead on his career, and now he is dating someone with money as well. Fat or thin, he is still discussing, low life human being. I feel bad for all of his children, to have a father figure like that. So what he spends time with them. What about the message that he is sending out about using women, or famous females to get ahead in career and in life. Instead of looking weight, loose your ugly ass personality, and work hard on getting a new personality that has value, class, and a positive message behind living his life.


How much do u wanna bet he is cheating on her in a minute....with his renewed self esteem and new body....


can't wait till his fat ass gains it all back

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