Jamie Jungers Trashes Tiger Woods on Today Show

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Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, is officially off the "alleged" list after lamenting on the Today Show that the golfer broke her heart.

But not until after he hit that after a long night of boozing and partying. At first, Jamie Jungers says she was excited to have a one-night stand with Tiger.

A one-night stand that quickly became so much more.

She told Meredith Vieira she met Woods at a Las Vegas club in 2005 when the golfer "had a VIP host call me over to his table and requested to meet me."

That quickly led to "hanging out and drinking," which led to time spent together at "the mansion at the MGM," where they "continued drinking a lot more."

"It kind of became clear to me that Tiger was interested," she said. "The more we drank, the more - I guess - flirtatious we got. I had a crush on him."

The flirtation led to sex, which Jungers said she "absolutely" figured would be a one night stand. But the trashy model then "dated" Woods for two years.

Tiger Woods can't believe what he's seeing ... his mistresses kissing and telling on national TV. Jamie Jungers is the latest to cash in on an affair with the golf legend.

"It became more and more of an actual relationship," Jungers said, adding that eventually, she "got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart."

Letting a married man with 12 other mistresses tap that is a pretty good way to ensure that outcome, but whatever. You live and you learn, right Jamie?

As for rumors that she received cash from Woods to pay for liposuction, Jungers said during 18-month affair with Woods, she asked for help only once.

Woods nixed that. "He said, 'I can't,'" Jungers said. "I said, 'I don't understand.' I thought he was joking. I was already embarrassed to ask about it."

"That's when I said, 'That shows how little I mean to you. I can't do this. I'm already in a rough position. I have more drama and that's what I don't need.'"

As for whispers she is or used to be a prostitute and that Woods used her service, Jungers said: "I've never been an escort and never will be an escort."

Mmm. Sure. There are madams and court documents that say otherwise, but no matter. Follow the jump for a clip of Jamie Jungers' interview on Today:


tiger the man screw them all.all for the dollar.


Hope he cleans up his act. Take it as a lesson learned Tiger. None of these women is worth a dime. You need to get to the root of what is making you act like that. Get your life together man!


wow I must be still of the old school!what ever happened to leaving a married man alone.I pity those because they will someday have to answer to being judged by the LORD.girls have turned into over sexed ,selfish,conceited,spoiled,high and mighty little tramps who are never satisfied with anyone anymore.was no one thinking of his wife & children?what goes around will come around when you lest expect it. this society of ours has turned into a no morals values way of life.I am 62 and so sick and tired of the crappy over sexed world we live in.everytime you turn on the tv it is sex.whose jumping into whose bed.my tv is off most of the time in protest.we need some strong,honest,back to moral value leaders.


Tiger Woods is the nightmare of parents who want to believe there is a good guy out there. His I'm sorry is a PR tactic and his way of keeping the endorsements. He could care less about what he's done, he's just embarassed he got caught. I guarantee you this isn't the end of it. The women single and looking. Yes, they are wrong to partake in the Tiger infidelity, but Tiger is not by any means without COMPLETE fault and no matter what he says and does he has left his family including his children with this legacy of not one affair but so many it has become a joke. He is a joke and I applaud these women who have come forth, whether they are wanting PR or not, the bottom-line is Tiger Woods is totally to blame for what has happened. Privacy in the position he desires is not an option when the public pays him millions of dollars to be public. I can not believe he got away with this for so long. Thank goodness these gals opened up about what has beeen going on since just after his marriage.


Tiger, is not at FAULT! What are they complaining about. Anyway it is all allegation. No prove whatsoever to verify that he's at Fault. All this recording and smsses, how do we all know it's not fabricated? Anything and everything can be fabricated. Even if it's true so what? This is just another way to get a 15mins of fame on other people's 30 years of HARDWORK. They did the same to Our Late POP Idol Micheal Jackson. People will only leave them alone when he dies! So senseless! I hope that the same does not happen to Tiger. LEAVE Tiger ALONE! GO TIGER GO!


Tiger's life is private, so butt out everybody, why are all these whores talking about their relationship with him just now, not before, he is human and if he cheated on his wife, he has to apologyze only to her, not to the rest of the world, I hope his wife forgives him and be a happy family again, he is in my prayers.


Hope his wife and children move away from his ho loven ass and break this ego monster in half by getting ALL his money. No one deserves to be humiliated like this, not his kids not his wife. This dog been at this forever. Scum like this only deserves hos. He made his bed of hos now he should sleep in it. Tiger's wife better get things checked out. This dog been down on every ho out there. If she or the kids get sick they should hang him by the balls!


Tiger tried for a hole in one ,but wound up with a triple bogey on the first nine ,will probably do better on the back nine .


Tom Epperson: hello! she is not the one who is married and being unfaithful to her spouse. Who cares if she is going after her 15 minutes of fame. What about the humiliation that Tiger caused his wife? Being a great athlete doesn't entitle one to walk all over one's spouse. You guys must all be single and not know the pain of even the tiniest marital betrayals (not even sexual ones). Bottom line: he brought this on himself, just like Eliot Spitzer and the rest of these overachievers who seem to have a permanent erection from being so great.


Karan, Regards to your comment "Tiger does not deserve this. I wish everyone would just leave him alone. He deserves better."
This is man who was out there "whoreing" around on his wife.
His wife and children deserves better!!!!

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